The "Planet Earth II" Trailer Will Give You Chills!


The original Planet Earth premiered 10 years ago on BBC. Not only is "Planet Earth II" NEW it utilizes much more advanced technologies to capture our precious planet!

OKAY, so this is why you should be excited. The Planet Earth series, originally produced 10 years ago by the BBC, is over 8 hours of the world's most amazingly badass natural wonders, captured by using the absolute state-of-art cinematography at the time.

Cut to today, nearly a decade later and now it's returning with "Planet Earth II".

This six-part series, entirely shot in 4K, explores the characteristics of Earth's most iconic habitats and the extraordinary ways animals survive within them. Using the latest in camera stabilization, remote recording and aerial drone technology, this documentary is able to get closer to the animals than ever before! The series airs on BBC One in November.

I could ramble on more about how freaking amazing this is but WHY, when the "Planet Earth II" Trailer, really just speaks for itself.