The Hair Trends You'll Be Envying This Fall


Bobs AND Bangs Are Back. PLUS see How Kim Gets Her Sultry Signature Wet Hair Look.

It's an interesting fall for hair styling and cutting trends. Many celebs are branching out into bolder looks and no matter what length your hair is, there's an eclectic selection of fresh fall looks for you to choose from!

Overall 2016 color is going warmer. It's all about coppery reds, sun-kissed blondes and rich brunette colors. Edgier colors are still in the mix though, so if you want to go for those trending grays, purples and denim - we say go for it!

1. The Beveled Bob


THE CUT: Bobs Are Back! Unlike the free shaggy bobs of the past, this years "Beveled Bob" is all about a clean, sleek and structured look. If you want to rock Taylor Swift's new do, you can even wear the beveled bob with bangs too!

STYLING TIP: To get the structured beveled bob look you should first prep your hair by apply a sculpturing product, blow dry the hair on the lower sections to boost volume and smooth out the top sections with a paddle brush as you blow dry. You can finish off this style by applying a small amount of pomade or wax. Use your fingers when applying any product onto the hair for more definition and structure. Choosing the right part is also critical to achieve that structured look and another quick tip, the classic center part is back this this fall as well!

2. Center Parts & Finger Waves


THE LOOK: If you love your lucious long locks, don't worry if you're not into the short beveled bob. Long hair is definitely still in, particularly long hair with center parts or finger waves!

STYLING TIP: For celeb styling tips for center parts you can visit to "See how celebs rock this easy trend".

3. The High Pony


THE LOOK: Sleek and slicked back, throw out last years messy ponytail for this years fall high pony. It's all about smooth curves that are great for showing off those eyes and high cheekbones.

STYLING TIP: There are many ways to rock the high pony, for more inspiration on rocking this updo you can visit to read about the "9 New Ways to Wear a Ponytail".

4. Piece-y Bangs


THE LOOK: Bangs are definitely back in this fall and these piece-y bangs are a great alternative to the structured bob bang. These curtain style delicate bangs are a flattering way to frame your face and compliment those longer free flowing fall cuts.

STYLING TIP: For this look try using a small bristle brush while you blow-dry and be sure to direct the bangs in multiple directions. This technique adds a refined softness your look. To finish up apply a serum for extra shine and to tame any of those pesky fly-aways.

5. Voluminous Bun

THE LOOK: This bun can be achieved with a few bobby pins or by adding other more adventurous volume inserts for a fuller look. A voluminous bun is also a great way to show off those new fall highlights!

STYLING TIP: If you have a lot of hair achieving the perfect voluminous bun is possible with out any additional volumizing additions, but either way, the perfect bun can definitely be achieved with the rolled sock or doughnut trick! Just place either item on top of the hair tie before you commence your bun wrapping! For more tips and tricks visit, and view their "Voluminous Top Knot Bun Tutorial".

6. Wet Hair

THE LOOK: Ditch the blowdryer for this falls more natural wet hair look. It's fresh and sexy and has that endless summer vibe.

STYLING TIP: This look is all finger styling, NO brushes, NO combs, but lots of hair serum!! AND If you want Kim's wet and wavy look, because who doesn't, her hairstylist is fabulous and can walk you through how he creates Kim's signature look.