The Best 'Halloweentown' Drinking Game For Halloween

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The very BEST 'Halloweentown' drinking games!

The Best Halloweentown Drinking Games:

When it comes to the best 'Halloweentown' drinking game, we got you covered! So this Halloween when you decide to break out that old Disney channel original, try revamping it with one of these drinking game challenges!

Halloweentown is personally one of my favorite Disney channel original movies. While it dates back to 1998 the whole Halloweentown series is still a Halloween favorite! I mean, who didn't want to be Marnie Piper when they were 13-years old? I mean her grandma Aggie was Debbie Reynolds?!

So, this Halloween, if you're looking for the best drinking game try one of these 'Halloweentown' drinking games!

What You Need: A cup, a drink and the movie.

Halloweentown Drinking Game #1

Rules: DRINK every time:

  • Anyone corrects how their name is said
  • Anyone tries to do magic
  • Anyone says "Halloweentown"
  • Merlin's wand is mentioned or shown
  • Luke or Kalabar show up

-Optional Rule: Finish your drink when the Cromwell/Piper clan all join hands

Halloweentown Drinking Game #2

Rules: DRINK every time:

  • Anyone Says the word Witch or Warlock
  • Anyone says Halloween or Halloweentown
  • See a pumpkin.
  • When they talk about magic or powers.
  • When they say their last name Cromwell.
  • When Marnie complains.

...Trust me its works...

Do you have a great 'Halloweentown' drinking game you want to share? Let us know! We're always looking to add more of the best ideas to our lists!

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