Text Message Photos Between Lady Gaga And Kesha About Dr. Luke

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Text Message Photos Between Lady Gaga And Kesha About Dr. Luke

Text Message Photos Between Lady Gaga And Kesha About Dr. Luke:

After news dropped about Lady Gaga being subpoenaed, many fans want to see the text message photos between Lady Gaga and Kesha about Dr. Luke.

Fans and the media have flocked to Gaga's side on Twitter:

While there have been no leaked or confirmed photos of the text chain, we'll be posting them here as soon as they arrive. The text has been reported to have taken place in April of 2016.

Below is a Twitter message Gaga sent Kesha back in February of 2016 to show her support:

Lady Gaga Tweet To Show Support To Kesha In February 2016:


While no photos currently have been released there have been reports of the specific texts that Dr. Luke is looking for Lady Gaga to provide in the court hearing.

According to reports, the texts include Kesha telling Gaga that she'd been abused by Luke, and specifically asking Lady Gaga to join a "smear campaign against Dr. Luke."

Luke claims that the campaign included Gaga urging Sony Music to cut ties with him, and also asked them to promote "Free Kesha" on social media.

Luke's lawyers subpoenaed Gaga to get a copy of the texts because the copy they received was incomprehensible because it was so heavily redacted.

Dr. Luke is asking the judge to force Gaga to provide the complete unredacted version of their text chain immediately. It has also been reported by TMZ that Gaga may be grilled by Dr. Luke's lawyers for up to 3 hours!

Below are some of the Twitter posts from celebs like Ariana Grande, Lorde and others who have come out against Dr. Luke and shown support for Kesha alongside Lady Gaga:

Ariana Grande Shows Kesha Support On Twitter:


Lorde's Tweet To Kesha Over Dr. Luke Allegations:


Celeb Activist Demi Lovato Showed Her Support For Kesha On Twitter As Well:


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