All The Unicorn Vibes: Spectrum Collections Releases Rainbow Makeup Brushes

The Rain Glow fan brush is basically the most on-trend fan brush we've ever seen.

This week, Spectrum Collections launched a rainbow fan brush and it is all kinds of unicorn amazing.

Even though you may have been too busy marveling over Beyoncé's glorious announcement that she's having twins to give this prettiest makeup brush your precious attention, we think you're ready now and can handle it.

The Rain Glow fan brush is basically the most on-trend fan brush we've ever seen. (Although Real Technique's new lip fan brush is amazing too.) The bristles have a multicolored gradient, starting with a deep indigo that fades to hot magenta that gives way to a paler pink right on down to sunny yellow and minty green. It's like a rainbow, if a rainbow went to a rave while it was pouring, then headed back on up to the sky in all its blended, neon-splendored glory. Just imagine using the rainbow fan brush to sweep on the latest unicorn-inspired makeup, including the heart-shaped rainbow highlighter and holographic glitter. And the flat lay possibilities—don't get us started. The thought is an overwhelming unicorn-fueled dream. Which sounds scary, but I didn't mean it that way, OK?

And without further ado, here it is:

Another shot of my new @spectrumcollections Siren brushes 😍😍🔥

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Did you catch up on my latest post all about the @spectrumcollections 10 piece set? You won't want to miss out on this one 🦄💜🦄💜🦄

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You can shop all of the Spectrum Collections brush sets on They range from a $31.63 four-piece travel kit to a 30-piece set for $139.22. And don't stress: They ship to the U.S.


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