Snapchat Snap Map | Are All Stories On Snap Map Public?

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Are all stories on Snap Map public?

Snapchat Snap Map | Are All Stories On Snap Map Public?

A lot of Snapchat Snap Map users are wondering as they look at all of the new stories on the map: Are all stories on Snap Map public?

The Answer: Yes and No

The Snapchat users that appear on your maps heat spots (the light blue, yellow, orange or red locations) have story posts under "Our Story." The Our Story posts are public.

However, if your click into your friends widget in the Snap Map feature and view a friends story that was posted under "My Story," those are based on your friends user setting and are most likely private.

Within story settings, you can choose to share them with friends or to the public. The only way your story is going to show up on the Snapchat Map is to choose to share it to "Our Story." In case you're wondering what information can be seen under Snap Map stories shared to "Our Story," the answer is nothing but the story itself and the heat spot location you posted to. That's to say, a viewer will know that you posted at some point that day to the heat spot location that was trending on the map. You may be relieved to know that there are no Snapchat usernames shared via "Our Story."

What do you think about sharing to "Our Story"?

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