Snapchat Map Update 2017 | View Snaps & Stories In SnapMap


View Snaps & Stories In SnapMap, Snapchat Map Update 2017.

Snapchat Map Update 2017 | View Snaps & Stories In SnapMap:

Snapchat map update this June 2017 makes it possible to view snaps & stories in SnapMap of sporting events, celebrations, breaking news, and more from all across the world πŸ—ΊοΈ.

To View Snaps & Stories In SnapMap:

  • 1. Open the Map feature in Snapchat,
  • 2. Go to the Camera screen, and
  • 3. Pinch your fingers in to β€˜zoom out!'

Snaps are captured everywhere β€” just tap anywhere on the Map to view Snaps that were submitted to Our Story from that area! You can also follow the heatmap: blue means that there were some Snaps taken at that spot, while red means there are tons πŸ”₯

Stories can be viewed by tapping the circular thumbnails. These show up at special locations or events β€” like a museum, a basketball game, or a school graduation πŸŽ“

Which Snaps and Stories appear on the Snap Map?

See something amazing? Submit a Snap to Our Story and it could show up on the Map! Only Snaps submitted to Our Story will appear on the Map.

If you ever come across anything inappropriate on the Snap Map, you can report it to right to Snapchat.


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