See For Yourself, Terrifying Ryan Gosling Wax Figure: *DYING*

There's just something off ...

It has become definitively clear that Ryan Gosling's likeness and also his hotness, cannot be captured via wax figure.

The best team was put to the job and Madame Tussaud's latest life like wax replica was a far cry from capturing Gosling's majesty, just further proof the La La Land star is just un-waxable.

The statue was unveiled in Berlin on Monday and fans all agree that the figure looks nothing like the Canadian actor. They argued that it doesn't do Gosling justice.

Maybe it's the blank stare in his eyes or maybe it's the shininess on his lackluster forearms? These questions along with Ryan Gosling's undying hotness are perhaps best left to higher powers to decipher someday for us.

Either way you look at it though, he doesn't capture the Gosling-esque je ne sais quoi that the wax man had orinally been anticipated to imbue.


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