Redheads Might FINALLY Be Getting Their Own Emojis

Freakin' Finally! 🔥🔥🔥

Redheads rejoice! There are finally some serious plans to roll out those redhead emoji's all of us ginger gals have been waiting for! Here's a sneak peak of what new emoji's you might find on your phone!

The hot topic of redheads is on the table at next week's Unicode conference, and a proposal from Emojipedia is seeking clarity on how the potential addition would be handled.

Suggestions introductions include a single emoji to demonstrate the hair trait; a paler skin type in addition to the existing variants; tags to add hair colour independently of skin colour; a wider variety of hair colour swatches; or changing the default blond person emoji to one with red hair.

If redhead emojis were approved, they would not appear until 2018 at the earliest. And it's uncertain as to what form they might take: would it be the question of a "tag" which can be applied to every different type of emoji, or would there just be a male and female version? And how red would red be: the current mock-up is a full-on Anne of Green Gables-baiting carrots.

Either way, it's exciting news for redheads – whether natural, or fabulously dyed!!


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