Recent Photos Of Sophia Loren | 2017

Recent Photos Of Sophia Loren, Sophia Loren, Sophia Loren 2017

Find the most recent photos of Sophia Loren here!

Recent Photos Of Sophia Loren | 2017:

Sophia Loren will celebrate her 83rd birthday this September 20th. You wouldn't know, ​however, based on recent photos of Sophia Loren!

When it comes to her age, Sophia Loren, continually defies societies expectations of "how attractive" a woman is considered solely based on her age. No matter how old Sophia Loren is, she has always been effortlessly chic and possessed such genuine charm, it's clear her celebrity cannot be easily fabricated.

While Loren may be well into her senior years she is still stunning fans at 82. Below are some of the most recent photos of Sophia Loren this 2017.

Sophia Loren at 2017 BraVo Awards Ceremony in Moscow:

Sophia Loren On Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 2014.:

Sophia Loren at the DeRucci Grand Opening party on Jan. 20, 2015 in Germany:

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