Daddy Dancers Join Their Kids At Ballet Class: The Results Are Hilarious

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Philly Dads Are Troopers

Philly Dads took up ballet this year for their daughters

These dads certainly deserve an award and an A for effort after offering their less than agile ballet skills up for the rest of the world's amusement.

Thom McIntyre, owner and artistic director of Philadelphia Dance Center, after hilarious videos of the dads sashaying across the dance floor went viral, said:

"I think this is a memory these kids will have forever. It was a special moment for them and, of course, some of the kids were chuckling at their dad and trying to make sure they looked good and were doing the right thing, but at the same time enjoying the overall experience,"

McIntyre invited his students' dads to take ballet and the moms to take hip hop with their kids. The results were eye-opening.

"The kids were adjusting their feet, adjusting their arms, making sure they keep their chest up, chin up, and I don't think the parents really knew how much goes into class," he said. "These parents see these kids all the time in classes. It's one of those things that they think, ‘Oh that's easy. I can do that.'"

Some of the dads even attended multiple ballet classes if they had more than one child.

"We did entire, real ballet classes," said McIntyre. "We dialed it back to give them a gist of what they do, but it was cute because some of the dads were taking the beginner class with one kid and then the advanced class with another kid. It was good for them to get a different perspective on the different levels and techniques."

And these dads definitely brought their A-game.

"Some dads actually put on the leotards and matching tutus," said the studio owner. "Dads brought their kids roses and chocolate for Valentine's. It was all a beautiful and lovely experience. This was really something special they absolutely loved."

Way to go Philly Dads!!

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