Hilarious Celeb Twitter Reactions To Oscars Bizarre Best Picture Mix Up


Celebs weigh in on Oscar mix up on Twitter.

Well ...The Oscars ended on a bizarre note this year.

As Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway read out the Best Picture winner, there immediately seemed to be confusion. Beatty took out a piece of paper from the winner's envelope, looked at it and checked in the red sleeve for more. After reading it a couple times and looking to the side of the stage as the crowd held their breath, Dunaway read out the supposed winner, La La Land.

But as the producers of the hit modern musical started accepting the award, show producers came onstage and told them that Moonlight had actually won, leading to a chaotic moment where La La Land producer Jordan Hurwitz announced the true Best Picture winner.

And Twitter exploded.

Someone posted video of the moment star Emma Stone realized what happened:

Celebs immediately showed their disbelief — and starting cracking jokes about the viral moment:

Good Morning America pointed out that Beatty's envelope said Actress in a Leading Role:

Notorious twist-ending movie writer M. Night Shyamalan got in on the fun:

And the joke tweets immediately started:

Beatty's son weighed in:

And some said that it was actually karma for La La Land‘s ending:

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