May 30th Daily Love Horoscope


Calling all signs!

May 30th Daily Love Horoscope:

Looking for your May 30th daily love horoscope, you're in luck! We have all the May 30th daily love horoscopes. Whether you're single or in a relationship, find your sign to get your daily love prediction!

Aries - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Don't be surprised to find yourself in a relationship power struggle with the one you love today. Luckily, this situation may make you much more aware of the power you have to collaborate with your significant other and keep the peace: Being honest with one another, treating each other with respect and giving one another the benefit of the doubt is the only way to succeed in matters of the heart right now.

Taurus - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Someone in your love life is going to attempt to talk you into joining them in a fun activity today but the situation may be more complicated than you realize. Be careful of an anxious Venus-Jupiter opposition which can make you seek circumstances that will benefit you personally, rather than something that will be good for both you and the one you love. Being aware of your choices and priorities will always help you in matters of the heart.

Gemini - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

You're so ready for a new chapter in your love relationship but your significant other may like things just as they are right now. While you're busy planning for tomorrow, you're getting unexpected resistance from the one you love and it's going to be very important to maintain your hopeful, confident spirit at this time. If you see negativity coming around the corner, go in the opposite direction: Your commitment to embracing joy will soon have a very positive effect on the one you love.

Cancer - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Even though there's a mystery unfolding in your love life today, you'll be able to figure out what's going on before it turns into something worse. Cosmic support coming from the independent Aquarius Moon in your 8th House of Deep Sharing means you'll be inspired to have a soul-bearing conversation with the one you love, allowing you to deal with any awkward or sensitive issues that you uncover together. Facing your fears will lead to a deeper, more profound love connection right now.

Leo - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Your powerful emotions surrounding your current love life circumstances will be deeper and weightier than ever today. Thanks to voluptuous Venus and gigantic Jupiter, intense emotional highs and lows can be challenging for you at this time, but in the end, you'll want to let go of any negativity you feel as soon as you can. Keeping the peace in your romantic relationship is possible if you keep things simple right now and follow your guiding inner voice of wisdom.

Virgo - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

If you happen to be facing a big decision about a romantic relationship, this is a good day to make it, because whatever you decide, you'll make sure to stay true to yourself and your values at this time. There are moments when you want to be a bit rebellious, color outside the lines and take calculated risks to express what's in your passionate heart. This may be one of those times.

Libra - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Even though you may be tempted to accept a romantic invitation from someone special, saying no may be the prudent course of action at this time in order to keep matters of the heart nice and simple today. If you're seeing even the slightest hint of a red flag at this moment, following your wise intuition regarding love and romance will serve you well because your inner voice will usually tell you what you really need to hear versus what you want to hear, and this will help you avoid trouble in paradise right now.

Scorpio - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Your key planet Mars and persistent Pluto are in cosmic conflict today and you may be feeling the emotional effects from it, especially if you're dealing with a tricky love life situation at this time. You may even be annoyed with your sweetheart and there will be no easy answers to your romantic dilemma right now. Don't look for blame, just do the mature thing and have a heart-to-heart conversation with the one you love to bring back peace and harmony into your momentarily-beleaguered love connection.

Sagittarius - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

A cosmic transition from serious Saturn to giant Jupiter seems too abrupt at this time, making you approach a stressful love life dilemma with a self-indulgent attitude today. A part of you wants to really shake things up with the one you love while the other part of you wants the emotional security of maintaining the status quo. You realize that change is inevitable in your romantic relationship but you'd like to take things slow and make sure not to get caught up in extremes right now.

Capricorn - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

You can feel magic in the air and you want to take advantage of the positive energy between you and the one you love at this time. A lighthearted spirit, positive energy, a good sense of humor and a sweet romantic vibe is making your day today. Just be aware of your occasional bouts of impetuousness because reckless actions in matters of the heart will lead to double trouble right now.

Aquarius - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

You'll be able to find a much-needed moment to catch your breath even though you may be dealing with wild and crazy love life circumstances today. The unpredictable Moon's visit to your sign may make it a little tricky to avoid being overwhelmed by passionate emotions at this time. Luckily, a stable Saturn-Uranus trine stabilizes your energy, allowing you to feel like you're in the placid eye of the hurricane: Your balanced, peaceful vibe will have a stabilizing effect on your romantic world right now.

Pisces - May 30th 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

If you and your significant other spend your extra change buying lottery tickets, you're obviously eager for a financial windfall. But a more prudent approach would be to stash away your pennies for a rainy day in small, incremental steps. Increasing your combined income is possible if you work toward such an ambitious goal as a team. By having a serious chat about money issues, you're working together for something you both want and need, and this can build trust in your relationship right now.

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