Lorac Is Launching a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Makeup Collection


Get Yer Hands Off My Beauty Doubloons!

If you loved the Harry Potter and Hunger Games-beauty merch, Lorac is launching a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' makeup collection! According to an Instagram post published last night by the beauty brand Lorac. Naturally, the palette, the most coveted item of the collection was teased.

"Who is tuned in [sic] to the #superbowl today?! We are thrilled to announce #LORAC will be heading to the high seas with @disneystudios," Lorac Cosmetics captioned their Insta post." The trailer premiere has us feeling giddy already! So excited to see the collection at @ultabeauty and other fine retailers. There is much more coming soon… #PiratesLife #DeadMenTellNoTales."

Lorac says that more information will be released soon! Until then we'll all have to scour the high seas for other beauty booty!

h/t allure.com

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