It's A Fact: Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than With Assholes


It's a game ladies, but follow this rule and you always win.

For real though.

No matter how bad you think you are at dating, there are some simple guidelines that can keep you out of trouble. I hate dating more than getting a flu shot and to make matters worse I hate anything that even remotely resembles a real game (I mean let's be honest, Monopoly is just a big set of lies and deceit, am I right?).

So if dating is a game, then .... balls.

However, even someone like myself can win at a game where we know the strategy. Plus there's an incentive for playing this game; but you do want to know why you're playing in the first place.

If the end goal is finding yourself in a happy relationship with the right guy, then of course, it is okay to ditch a few rounds in the dating game when he is not the right guy. Don't give yourself a hard time for staying at home and watching re-runs of 'Parks and Rec' if you know that he's not the one.

Obviously though, if you want to win, there are times when you'll have to play the game. The good news is that despite all the assholes in the world, it only takes one good guy to take you out of the dating pool, safe away from all the assholes in the shark tank. But, until then, you've gotta face the facts: dating IS a game. So it's time for you to learn the strategies you need to win.

I really only have one strategy and honestly, it's good enough to be numbers 1 through 10 of any woman's dating commandments.

Alright, ladies, repeat after me:


Never, ever, NEVER, waste time on assholes. Whatever justification you want to give yourself, it is not worth it. Your time is valuable; Don't waste it on some loser.

Learn to sniff out BS and trust your female intuition when you sense a date has just taken a left turn into Assville. If he's rude to a waiter, cuts people off in the car on the way to dinner, talks down other women he's dated on a first date with you: these should all be huge red flags that you need to RUN in the other direction.

Live your life and be open to dating the right guy, but the second a guy doesn't treat you (or other humans on this planet) with the respect that you deserve, then it's time to say boy, BYE. This will allow you to find your real, viable romantic options. 

Doesn't that sound like a much better game?

Plus, you never know who might walk into your life.

In the long run, you'll be glad you didn't end up with one of those assholes.

So, moral of the story: say BYE to the assholes, and learn to WIN at the dating game.

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