Instagram Stories Video Length Limit | Instagram 2017

Find out! What's the max instagram story video length?

Instagram Stories Video Length Limit | Instagram 2017:

Since Instagram launched its story feature there have been many updates and questions, like: What's Instagram stories video length limit?

What's The Instagram Stories Video Length Limit:

Instagram / @lizzie_darden

The Answer:

An Instagram story video can be anywhere from 1 to 15 seconds long.

There may be ways you can post a story for longer than the 15 second max, but you'd have to use an additional app outside of Instagram like Continual.

Please Note: None of the apps so far that I have found had super high user ratings, so you may be better off just sticking with the 15 second max time limit that Instagram has set.

If you have additional unanswered Instagram questions you can find answers and help from the source by going to Instagram's Help Center.

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