Instagram Sort Order For People Who Have Viewed Your Story 2017

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Find out! Instagram Sort Order For People Who Have Viewed Your Story.

Instagram Sort Order For People Who Have Viewed Your Story 2017:

A lot of Instagram users are wondering: What does the order of who views your Instagram story mean?

A lot of what makes the Instagram platform allusive is the secret metrics and user activity data the app uses to organize how your personal feed is presented. However, there are ways of telling how Instagram is sorting users and content for you based on how you use Instagram and how other users interact with your account.


Instagram Sort Order For People Who Have Viewed Your Story:

The Answer:

Based on activity testing and several online sources (particularly in the Reddit community), it appears that your Instagram story views are determined currently largely by users that view and interact with your account regardless of whose accounts you frequently visit or interact with. This basically means that someone you haven't liked, commented or visited their profile in months could still appear at the top of your story views if they still frequently visit your Instagram page.

In the end there are only TWO things to know about how Instagram determines the sort order of story viewers.

1. Stories list order is in reverse chronological order until the viewers are more than 50

2. After 50 story viewers, ‚ÄčInstagram then prioritizes who interacts with YOUR Instagram account most.

This means that whoever visits your profile, likes, comments, views your stories or interacts with your account the most will be at the top of your Instagram story viewer list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Profile views are given the heaviest weight in this equation. One Reddit user did a test and the account he interacted with the most had little or no interaction with his account as a test for a week

Also, if you have more unanswered Instagram questions you can always go directly to the source for answers by going to Instagram's Help Center.

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