Instagram Hashtags Not Working 2017

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Are your Instagram hashtags not working?

Instagram Hashtags Not Working 2017:

If you find your Instagram hashtags not working this might be happening for several distinct reasons.

There are actually many issues that might cause Instagram to block hashtags.

So, Why Are Instagram Hashtags Not Working?

The suspicion from some discussions on Reddit is that some combination of user behaviour and the hashtags themselves are triggering a spam filter and limiting the reach of the post.

Despite complaints all over the web, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and via multiple reports to Instagram's support team, Instagram has been typically silent.

1.) Instagram has banned certain hashtags they find offensive/

2.) Limited other hashtags that are less objectionable (#boobs only shows "Top Posts", but not "Most Recent")

3.) Added warnings triggered by self-harm hashtags (using #ana will prompt a help dialogue for eating disorder support)

4.) Immediately and without warning deleted valid accounts for using the "wrong" combination of hashtags (this happened to me, which is how I lost my username and ended up with @vtographyy)

If you have more unanswered Instagram questions you can find answers and help directly from the source by going to Instagram's Help Center.

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