Instagram Favorites July 2017 | For Private Small Friends Groups

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Instagram Favorites July 2017 will replace the need for a Finstagram.

Instagram 'Favorites' July 2017 For Private Small Friends Groups:

Just announced Instagram 'Favorites' July 2017, allowing users to share pictures to private small friends groups. Favorites will also give users more flexibility over creating friends groups where pictures can be shared to an ever customizable list of friends based on the user's preference.

Instagram 'Favorites' July 2017:

Instagram 'Favorites' list is a new feature created by the social media giant and developed largely in response to the ever growing trend for some users to create a "Finstagram" account. Instagram's main goal since launching Stories has been to help users share moments as they happen. The ever evolving platform has made huge strides in the last year through improvements to direct messages and Instagram live videos. Now, Instagram wants to offer their users an even better way to boost instant sharing, and that is through the new feature: Favorites List.

How Does Instagram Favorites List Work?

A spokesperson for Instagram confirmed the upcoming Instagram update and referred to the Favorites list as

"a new way to share stories and posts in feed with a set of friends you've chosen."

This new Instagram 2017 update is similar to Facebook's Messenger, which also lets you communicate with small private groups of friends when you wish to communicate, but not to your entire friend group.

Instagram Favorites List Will Replace 'Finstas' & Finstagram Accounts:

If you've never heard the term Finstagram or Finsta thrown around, a Finstagram is a fake Instagram account or just your "other" more scandalous account where you can be more real. A huge trend has grown with high school girls using Finstagram accounts to post funny and embarrassing photos and videos that aren't suitable for their real Instagram account.

Finstas are a clear indication from Instagram users that the app needs to evolve to allow for more private, less than "perfect" profiles. The Instagram Favorites list promises to do this by offering user the ability​ to ditch their Finstagram accounts and have the flexibility to customize their privacy setting based on each picture posted..

When Will Instagram Favorites List Be Available?

Only a small group of users currently have access to Favorites. If you have it, you'll see a green star icon on your Instagram profile. Tap that, and then you can choose which friends get to be part of the coveted list.

When you use Stories or when you're scrolling through your feed, you'll see a green bar with the star and "Favorites" along the bottom of the screen. Tap that, and the post is instantly shared with your pre-selected groups of friends.

What Does Instagram Favorites List Look Like In The Instagram App?

You can add or take away people from your Favorites list at any time, so if someone gets on your bad side, you can change their status. But you'll want to be smart about it, since people can tell when they're on — and off — your Favorites list. If you don't see the green "Favorites" badge on that person's Story or regular post, you didn't make the cut.

And here we were hoping cliques ended when you graduated high school. Still, as cliquey as it might seem, Favorites could be especially useful for people with a large following and public account. While they might not want to share everything with their fans (or manage two accounts to divide their posts), the option of sending a particularly private post to their IRL friends or family members on the app could be more appealing.

While Favorites hasn't rolled out to the world, Instagram has a strong history of turning its trial features into permanent ones. It recently did so with its Archive feature.

You can also always go to Instagram's Help Center,, for any further information about the latest Instagram update this July!


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