How To Wear A Jersey Cute

Are you struggling to make that oversized jersey cute?

Do You Want Some Ideas For How To Wear A Jersey Cute?

Summer is almost here and you know what that means - baseball games and all kinds of sporting events. And often, when we're pulling our sports jerseys out of the closet we can stress over wanting to support our team and making that Jersey cute! Making a jersey cute is a constant battle.

Jerseys are inherently oversized and we often find ourselves swimming in them. In the summer, especially on a date. you want to look cute. Who can blame a girl for stressing?​

No need to worry though. There are lots of fun and cute ways to wear that jersey. That's why we compiled a list of the best fashion ideas we found to modify those oversized jerseys​ into a fabulous​ look.

Jersey Cute #1 = Wear a backward cap and tube socks that match your jersey


Wearing the jersey open with a crop top and high waisted shorts is always a cute summer option!

Jersey Cute #2 = Style a baseball jersey with some Nike Air Force One and jeans.

Jersey Cute #3 = If you can't open your Jersey, pair with skinny jeans and some fun Nike's.

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