How To Use Instagram's Offensive Comments Filter | Instagram Update 2017

Instagram offensive comments filter

Find out! How do you use Instagram's offensive comments filter? Instagram Update 2017

How To Use Instagram's Offensive Comments Filter| Instagram Update 2017:

Instagram's latest announcement revealed that they have a new "Offensive Comments Filter," and many users want to know: How do you use Instagram's offensive comments filter?

This new filter option blocks offensive comments on posts and in live videos. It's one of two new filters in this June 2017 Instagram update. The other filter​ is designed at keeping Instagram accounts "spam-free."

Here's How To Enable Instagram's Offensive Comments Filter:

Here's a step by step list that breaks down easily, just how to enable the new Offensive comment feature.

  • Step One: Go to your Instagram page.
  • Step Two: Select the setting icon in the top right corner.
  • Step Three: Scroll down to Comments and select.
  • Step Four: Enable "Offensive Comments Filter."

Please Note: Enabling this filter will block offensive comments on both posts AND live videos. You can also always choose to turn this filter off.

And there you have it! How do you feel about Instagram's Offensive Comment filter? We're always looking for new opinions and Instagram feature questions to answer!

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