How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Facebook 2017

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How to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Facebook:

There are lots of Facebook users that discover that they suddenly can't find a friend and wonder: How to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook.

Here we'll give you some actionable steps to definitely determine if indeed you have been blocked by someone on Facebook​.

1. Step One:

The only thing you need to find out if someone has blocked you is their Facebook username.

Don't remember their username? No problem! Facebook usernames are the final part of the URL when you visit a profile.

For Example:

A Facebook username will be this URL:, but then followed by a users name (firstname.lastname). So the full URL will look like this:

Just swap the person you suspect has blocked you where it says "firstname.lastname"

2. Step Two:

You'll ask, but how do I find out the URL of the person if I can not see the profile? If the person has blocked you (or it's been deleted from Facebook ) only since a few days you will surely find the person by searching the name on the search bar at the top of Facebook , the search results are in fact put in a temporary cache in order to return faster results , and you should then be able to find the URL of the profile and take the username. Other methods? Just look for the profile name on Google ( if the person has not removed the listing by search engines ).

Facebook's Open Graph Tool: How To Tell If An Acount Is Disabled:

The instrument that must be used to determine if a user is deleted (or has disabled profile) from Facebook can be found at:

Facebook's Open Graph Tool can be used to gather information on a Facebook profile, or any other element of Facebook for that matter.

How to use it? Just enter the username,​ or the URL of the profile to check (example: and change the www with the word graph (

Please Note: If a profile has been deactivated or deleted the answer you will get will be something like this:

  • "cancelled-profile"

If the profile is up and running AND you have been blocked you will get a response like this:

  • "active-profile"

Did you find someone that blocked you from their account or was their profile just deleted? Or, know any cool Facebook hacks? We're always looking for new hack and tricks to share!

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