5 Killer Ideas To Revamp Halloween For Your Adult Self

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Are you finding yourself in this Halloween pickle? -- You and your friends all have the killer costumes down, in fact, you got so wrapped up in nailing that Holly Golightly costume, that you actually forgot to figure out where to go Halloween night.

Okay, DON'T PANIC this is completely normal, and it's not too late! HOWEVER this still shouldn't mean that you don't try to find something fun that really speaks to you, because, #1 the whole co-ed kegger thing is just not going to cut it for you anymore, AND #2, this is the perfect opportunity for you to jump out of Halloween default mode and kick it up a notch.

So without further adieu, here are 5 killer ideas to jump start your All Hallows Eve planning! Hopefully this will spark off some inspiration, so you'll be on your way to new experiences full of spine tingling novelties and maybe even the start of new Halloween traditions in no time!

#1. Book A Spooky Airbnb!!


Even if you and your friends don't have a lot of extra cash to blow on Halloween there are tons of spooky Airbnb rentals this Halloween 2016. The Manor- Master Chamber on Airbnb, in Saint Paul, MN is a great option for a friendly price! Double check price updates on Airbnb.

If you're not in Saint Paul, not a problem! Airbnb has dozens of Halloween themed rentals and they're definitely not going to break the bank! You and some friends can spend the night catching up, marathoning all the "Scream" movies, or throw a last minute seance for shit and giggles.

#2 - Spend Halloween Under The Stars!


Spend Halloween stargazing and go camping with friends! OR you can find camping groups to join on Meetup.com for all kinds of fun Halloween group parties. You can tell ghost stories around the fire and Pinterest literally has thousands of ideas for Halloween camping and spooky campfire treats, but whatever you do, just make sure that your camp is nowhere near Camp Crystal Lake.....

#3 Book An Escape Room


Get locked in an Escape Room this Halloween. There are TONS of Escape Rooms now all over the country and the average price is only $30.00 per person and that's a lot of bang for your buck for such an epic night out with friends if you ask me! Players have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games can take place in anything from prison cells to dungeons, even space stations, so pick your poison! If you're still not sure, read what the L.A. Times has to say about this growing Escape Room trend.

#4 Join A Party On A Haunted Boat!

Queen Mary

Specifically, for those who want a real good scare, there is no better place to head than one of the most haunted places in the world, the cruiseliner Queen Mary. Docked off Long Beach, California, this is one of the coolest and most unique places to celebrate Halloween. Dark Harbor starts October 1st each year and runs for the whole month offering terrifying experiences to those who dare to visit. This month long event features six mazes haunted by more than 200 spirits and ghosts, many inspired by the actual spirits that are said to haunt the ship. Visitors should also expect rides, more monsters, live shows, food and beverages. WARNING: This experience is NOT suitable for young children.

#5 Go To A Voodoo Festival In New Orleans


Voodoo Festival is "musical gumbo," art, community, bomb Nola food and all the mystery and adventure that Halloween weekend in New Orleans can conjures up. There are over 65 bands scheduled over the three day event, Voodoo that will prove to be more than just a Festival – it is gonna be a spooktacular experience.