How To Make Squiggle Brows! The New Glam Dr. Seuss Brow Trend

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How to make Squiggle Brows, the latest eyebrow trend.

The latest eyebrow trend has many of us dying to know, just how to make Squiggle Brows?!

We all thought we finally had our brow game down, but now it seems there's a HUGE game changer in eyebrow trends called, "Squiggle brows."

Instagram fashionista's and bloggers dropped this one and it's been spreading like wildfire. The trend was first started by vlogger Promise Tamang.

PopSugar, accurately described the new trends look as "a glam Dr. Seuss character."

Since then, beauty bloggers and makeup artists everywhere have been remixing the trend with their own squiggle brow interpretations.

When it comes to how to make these brows for yourself, good news is that you don't have to tweeze or actually wave your eyebrow hair!!

Promise told Popsugar that:


  • 3. She finished it off the brows by using setting and pressed powder to hide any stragglers

PLEASE NOTE: To create the actual squiggle, she used black gel eyeliner mixed with pomade.

TO REPEAT:Don't tweeze or wax your brows to actually look squiggle-shaped, you'll spend years growing them back out!!


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What do you think about Squiggle Brows? Do you think this is really going to be the next big brow trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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