How To Cut An Acorn Squash

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There are certain things you just don't learn in home economics class. Example A: How to cut an acorn squash. It sounds simple enough, but all those ridges can be intimidating, especially when you're bellying up to the counter in your S.O.'s family kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. So, we created a simple video to show you how to slice the nutty gourd like a pro. You'll have it prepped in seconds for whatever baking, roasting, or stewing you've got planned.

How To: Step 1. Cut off both ends. Step 2. Cut in half lengthwise. Step 3. Scoop out seeds. Step 4. Slice in 3/4-inch pieces. (You can slice along the natural ridges into wedges or against them, like we did, to make pretty flower shape.) Want to really test your slicing mettle? Try tackling a watermelon or pineapple while you're at it.

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