How To Change Your TV Settings For Stranger Things

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Find out!! How To Change Your TV Settings For Stranger Things!

Recently, The Duffer Brothers, the creators of Stranger Things, came out with a PSA for their viewers. They're instructing everyone to "Turn off anything that says 'Motion,'" for optimal Stranger Things viewing. If you're like me and want to know exactly what that means, here's a quick guide so you know: How To Change Your TV Settings For Stranger Things!

Basically, The Duffer Brothers have been maniacal this season, perfecting their so popular retro 80's cinematic homage and they just want you to enjoy it in the best way possible.

Besides changing your TV's motion control setting, there are a few other tweaks you can do as well to up your viewer experience and also improve the audio quality when you finally hear those synths in the new Stranger Things Season 2 SURVIVE soundtrack.

How To Change Your TV Settings For Stranger Things:

You can easily modify our TV settings in a few simple steps! Here's the cheat sheet, if you're an avid Stranger Things fan and you're just not the tech savvy type!

1. Turn Off Anything That Says 'Motion:

Basically, just like The Duffer Brother's have said, Turn off anything with the word "Motion," in it. If you have a "film mode" setting you can choose to leave this setting on auto if you'd like.

If you're curious and want to investigate more about the reasoning behind this suggestion, you can look up the motion process motion interpolation or motion-compensated frame interpolation.

This motion setting on your TV basically tries fill in the gaps and compensate for display motion blur, however, perhaps this is an unwanted frame modification, especially when it comes to Stranger Things highly stylized retro 80's vibe.

While different types of content may require different levels of motion process or frame interpolation (the thing the Duffer Bros. are miffed about), nothing you watch on Netflix (including Stranger Things) is going to need any kind of motion smoothing, film mode, or any other similar-sounding junk. Like the brothers have advised, just turn it all off (though you can leave "film mode" on auto if you so desire).

2. Go Into Your TV's Setting Menu:

No matter how old your TV is, there is going to be a way to modify your TV setting, either with your TV remote or somewhere on the TV itself.

Using your remote:

  • Hit the button that says "menu," OR "settings," OR hit the little gear icon.

  • Look for your TV's picture settings menu(s), this is where you'll be able to tweak things like picture mode, brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness.

3. Next: Change The Picture Mode:

Tweaking your TV's picture mode is one of the quickest ways to dramatically up viewing quality! Most TVs only have a few picture mode options:

  • 1. Vivid/Dynamic
  • 2. Movie/Cinema
  • 3. Standard/Natural/Energy Saver

So which one do you want for Stranger Things?

  • 3. Standard/Natural/Energy Saver

Basically, TVs come with three flavors of picture modes. The "vivid" modes are meant to make them look good in stores. T

he "natural" modes are meant to help them pass EnergyStar power draw requirements.

The "movie" modes are meant to look the most accurate in a home environment. The best thing about Movie mode is it does a lot of the legwork for you. It'll turn off the "motion" stuff usually, but also remove a lot of the excess processing junk.

However, you might not like that it's dimmer/warmer/less colorful than whatever mode your TV is in now (don't lie, I know you're using Vivid mode). If that's the case, use the mode you like best, just make sure you still do the following steps.

4. Turn Your TV Sharpness All The Way Down:

If you selected to use "Movie Mode" this setting will typically send the "sharpness" controls to zero.

However, if you want to be sure your sharpness level is adjusted, or if you decided not to use movie mode as a picture setting, you'll want to go into your sharpness setting and make sure they're down for Stranger Things.

5. Turn Off Automatic Adjustments:

A lot of TV (most modern TVs) have a ton of "automatic" settings.

Look for setting controls that use phrases like: "dynamic contrast" or "automatic brightness"

Most of the time these settings seem like a good idea, but they often affect image quality and over adjust during viewing in a way that can be distracting.

GOOD TIP: If you're unclear about what an additional "extra" picture setting is doing, you may just want to turn it off.

6. Grab Some Popcorn And Turn Off Those Lights!!

Even for the avid horror fanatics out there, Stranger Things CAN get scary at times... But really, if you want to get fully immersed in Stranger Things, turning the lights off will definitely boost your user experience!

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