How Did The Wight Dragon Viserion's Blue Fire Flame Destroy The Wall?

Will The White Walker Dragon Spit Ice or Fire?

Drop the mic. How did Viserion's blue flame destory the wall?

The Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale "The Dragon and the Wolf," was full of epic scenes, but the wight Dragon destroying the wall was definitely the most shocking of all.

Many GOT fans are still stuck in disbelief and want to know, how did Viserion's blue flame destory the wall?

Isn't the wall indestructible? I mean, besides its shear girth and height, it's made with magic, right?

The end of Season 7 was no cliffhager. Viserion's blue flame hit the wall and managed to strike it with such force that it took most of it down...

Dayuum. "The Great War," is officially on in Game of Thrones... and besides the fact that the Night King has officially managed to get the army of the dead into Westeros, some of us are still wondering the fanstasy physics of the undead taking down the freaking wall.

The Facts: The Night King rode the wight ice dragon and systematically melted the wall in half. How he managed to do this when the wall is thought to have protective magical properties is one that begs to understand, just what magic the wight ice dragon's blue fire holds?

Hopefully, the heroes at Eastwatch had time to get out before Viserion's blue flame hit their end of the Wall. A lot of us are left also wondering what the fate of Beric, Gendry and Tormund will be (Tormund gave the order to run), when Season 8 comes around. I guess we only have to wait 2 years to find out.

Finally, let's take a minute to mourn the death of the wall. The wall was a huge GOT character in its own right and now that it's chilly protection isn't there to protect Westeros from the white walkers, it's undeniable that Winter isn't just coming... WINTER IS FREAKING HERE.

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