How Can You Tell If Someone Is Online On Instagram?

Find out! How can you tell if someone is online on Instagram?

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Online On Instagram?

Many Instagram users want to know: How can you tell if someone is online on Instagram? While many social media sites, like Facebook, have ways of showing if a friend or follower is currently active or online, as of right now, there is no definitive way you can see this on Instagram.

However, in certain situations when it comes to people you follow or those who have public accounts, there are a few hacks you can use to check the recent activity on an Instagram account.

Here's How To Checking For Recent Activity On An Instagram Account:

  • 1.) If you look at the notification tab, where you can see engagements of all the people you are following, you can see if they recently liked a photo or left a comment on a mutual friends account. There will also be a time stamp by any recent photos they've like, which can also give you an idea of how recently they were active on their Instagram account. (Please note: some Instagram accounts are setup with programs that allow them to "auto like" based on certain metrics. You'll typically be able to tell if this is the case though because the likes for these accounts will typically be users the account in question doesn't follow. The like activity is also typically consistently spaced time wise. So, if you have a friend who has a business or photography account, they may not actually be liking all the photos you see under recent engagement.

  • 2.) Another way is looking for any recent stories they may have posted to their feed that you can see. Instagram stories will also give you a time stamp for that post as well. Also, if you have posted an Instagram story yourself and you think they might want to view it, you can check back after posting a story to see if that user had viewed your most recent story post.

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  • 3.) If you're really looking to dig deep on a users recent activity, you can also check to see what recent images this person may have been tagged in. If another account has tagged this user in an image and that user had made their privacy setting for image tagging public or available to their followers, you'll be able to check the most recent images.

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