Are You Looking To Hide Your Following List On Instagram From Followers?


Hide Your Following List On Instagram From Followers:

A lot of Instagrammers want to know how to hide their following list on Instagram from followers.

If you're wondering this you're not alone. There are a lot of reasons that you might not want one of your followers known.

Whatever the reason, there are definitely ways you can modify who views your following information.

But can you hide your following list on Instagram from specific followers and not others?

The Answer:

The only way to hide followers on Instagram is to make your profile private. But even then, anyone who follows you is able to see who you're following and also who is following you.

There are apps that claim to help you do this, but I have never used them personally myself. One app that I have seen on message boards listed below!

However, if there is a specific user you don't want to give access to this information, you could always resort to blocking them, which will hide all activities from that person.

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