Google Maps Not Working On Android 2017 | How To Fix

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How to fix! Google Maps not working on Android this 2017.

Google Maps Not Working On Android 2017 | How To Fix:

If your problem is Google Maps not working on Android, then you have come to the right place!

It can be super frustrating when any app decides not to work but Google Maps... you need it to get your from point A to point B and usually immediately.

How To Troubleshoot & Fix Google Maps Not Working On Your Android:

While you may need to use a friends device to help ease your frustration, below are all the fixes to the most common AND not so common problems when Google Maps​ isn't working on Android!

Fix One: You Need To Reboot Your Phone By Turning It On And Off Again.

Sometimes, your phone or tab is just acting up and needs a reboot. Close all your running applications, turn off your gadget, then turn it on again. Open Google Maps, and see if it works fine now.

Fix Two: You Need To Download The Latest Version Of Google Maps For Your Android Phone.

There are instances when the older version of the app won't run on your smartphone or tablet. So check that you have the latest version. Delete your current Google Maps version, go to the Play Store and search for the app, download the most updated version, then open it and check if the error still occurs.

Fix Three: Your Android Phone Needs The Latest Google Play Software Download.

Whenever your Android gets wonky, it's good to check the basic fixes first. If your Android device's software is out of date, issues with your apps are likely to occur. Below you can find a link to the latest Android software update!

Fix Four: Your Cache Data Is Preventing The Google Maps App From Running.

To check to see if your cache data is interfering with Google Maps on your Android device, you can clear your cache by going to your device Settings > Applications, then look for Google Maps, tap on it, then select clear data.

After clearing the cache data, turn your phone or tablet device off. Then try to open Google Maps again to see if this has fixed the problem.

Fix Five: There May Be An Issue With Your Androids Battery Or Current Charge.

If you're running low on battery it may be the battery consumption interfering with your Android phones ability to run properly. Check if you have enough power, and if your device is running low, charge it.

However, if your battery life is still adequate, turn your phone or tablet off, then remove the battery, replace it, turn the device on again, open the Google Maps app, and then check to see if there are still errors.

Fix Six: Reset Your Android To Factory Settings.

PLEASE NOTE: This should be your last resort, only used after you have tried every other troubleshooting strategy to fix your device.

If this IS what you decide, make sure that you back up all of your files and apps before you do the reset. Otherwise, you will lose whatever you have purchased of downloaded onto your phone since your last back-up.

Once you have backed up your device's data, then you can proceed with the reset. To do this open your phone menu, Go to Settings > Personal > Backup & reset. You may then have to enter your PIN, password, or pattern. Then under ‘Personal data', choose ‘Factory data reset'.

Be sure to read the information on the screen and then select ‘Reset phone'. Then you might have to enter your PIN< password, or pattern if you have a screen-lock.

After that, select ‘Erase everything' and this will delete all data from the internal storage and reset your device to factory settings.

The final step in this process is to reboot your Android device and check to see if Google Maps is working!

Did any of these fixes solve your Android Google Maps problem? Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks that you think would be a good addition to the fixes above. We're always looking for new Android hacks.

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