Monthly Horoscope: Find Your Disney Princess Forecast For February 2017

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Are you an Elsa, Mulan or a Jasmine?


As your year starts to take shape, you may find yourself concentrating more on your career ambition and just like Mulan you never know how to take no for an answer. However, Though it seems as if there is still a great deal to do, you are not daunted by the prospect of an extended campaign stretching out into the future. Your energy is up and you feel strong, willing to do battle on your own behalf and of course be an advocate for your family. For the success of your quest, however, it may be important to enlist the support of friends and supporters to help you along the way.

With generous Jupiter currently in your long-term relationship zone, this could be time to find the kind of partner you have longed pined for, or push an existing liaison on to a new level. In any case, your relationships are looking in pretty good shape, helped along by your current generous attitude and expectation of an excellent outcome. Pay special attention on the 14th, however, when your overflowing generosity and idealistic attitude come up against adversity. Believing the best in people is an excellent approach to take into your relationships, but beware if someone sees you coming and is tempted to exploit your willingness to go the extra mile.


There is something of a mixed bag of omens this month, you'll be pulling your hair in all different directions on different days. However, like Rapunzel, you're a patient friend and usually take a down-to-earth perspective on life — literally, once you get out of that damn tower.

So while you may be slightly thrown by the presence of planets going through your career zone challenging you to find a new road, there are also handy helpers out there too. Being a helpful soul yourself should pay off until at least the middle of the month, when the personal touch pays off big time in your push for the top.

While you have money-making prospects and the power to sustain a challenge, it is also crucial for you to find work that hits all the right spots. So you need to feel that your career is satisfying enough in itself without even needing the financial rewards that come in its train. This is a big test for a Taurus! You are a material girl, who likes to be surrounded by all of the finer things and cushions and comforts. So there is no call for a compromise on your overall standards, or need to settle for anything less than the very best in terms of your ambition, but simply to see that there is more to life than money. The full Moon on the 24th sits well with you, offering an opportunity to dress well, mix with the right crowd and enjoy the compliments coming your way.


With a wonderful airy complexion to the sky this month, your charm and bubbly nature have rarely been so much in evidence.

You're known for your versatility and ability to go with the flow, like Jasmine did that time she ran away from the sultan's palace and decided to live as a peasant just for fun. Sure, she got a little help from Aladdin once things took a turn in the almost-getting-her-hand-cut-off direction, but without her adaptability, she might not have made it out of there with all her appendages in tact. Geminis also get bored easily, which is why it's important to find yourself a boyfriend with a magic carpet that can take you anywhere.

While some times your energy feels pretty low, you are gloomy about your prospects and it's all you can do to raise a smile, this is definitely not the scenario this month. You are confident and collected, and with a super cool combination of Venus and Jupiter doing wonderful things you, you can't wait to get started on your plans for future domination. This lends a wonderful, generous charm to your character, giving you the right blend of interest in others along with a knowing way about yourself. You understand exactly how to handle social situations, although they seem to operate easily and without your calculated intervention. Allowing yourself to be lead by intuition in this way is the right angle this month, be it in your personal affairs, your fashion statements or your overall ambition. You can achieve more by listening to your inner voices than by the changing opinions of others. The New Moon on the 8th February is the perfect point to start a new relationship, either at work or in a full-blown affair of the heart, but whichever way you put some of your new inspiration into action.


If you appreciated a let-up from the pressure that beset you at the back end of last year, then get ready for a repeat run.

Cancers are super in touch with their emotions, which unfortunately also means that they can hold a grudge like nobody's business. So, for example, if your demigod boyfriend Hercules moved to Mount Olympus without you, you'd be pissed about it for the rest of your mortal life. Your demigod boyfriend totally gets you though, so try to act a little surprised when he gives up his immortality to hang out with you on earth for the next 60 years.

Pretty soon, Saturn will leave your sign altogether, but before that happens, you must attend to matters left unfinished and decide on your direction. The past few months have been like a new beginning for you, and you have felt the stress of getting started, like a plant pushing up through frosty ground. But you don't have far to go now, and the way with the planet Saturn is that very soon after he moves away, you appreciate the benefits of his disciplining power. People may be looking up to you because of all the effort you have been putting into your plans and now you are a transformed person, more grown up and a force to be reckoned with. Make sure that you keep the peace in your relationships this month, for the temptation is to make confrontations and get issues out in the open. Nothing wrong with this exactly, but remember to take it easy and don't overreact to everything other people do or say, especially after the 7th February. You are very likely to assume that they are the ones with an argumentative streak, but the real answer may be a little closer to home.


There are great opportunities for you to expand your social life this month, Leo, though there are also ground rules to be observed.

As a Leo, you're all about being the center of attention. Having an unruly mane of red hair like Merida's will certainly help in this respect, but if that's not possible, your creativity and gregariousness ought to do the trick. Leos also love sports and the outdoors, which is great, because you know what sport you can do outdoors? Archery!

Your generous heart and all round giving nature is one of your best attributes, qualities that others admire, and if anyone doesn't, they should. However this should not be an excuse to shower time and attention on every hard luck story that you come across, especially anyone who tried to appeal to your wonderful big-hearted side. Sympathy is a super thing to share with anyone, but at the same time, feeling sorry for someone all the time is no basis for a proper relationship, especially if you talk yourself into believing you owe them something. So snap out of it and instead use your powers of understanding in a more constructive course, perhaps helping a proper friend in a time of trouble. You can also whip up a fantastic new look with the minimum of effort this month, transforming your image to the point where people don't recognise the old you. Use the Moon going through your sign on the 22nd as a signpost for the time when you go public with your new creation and give people a glimpse of what you can really do when you set your mind to it.


Though you are keen to present a more unorthodox image to people around you this month, you may find tried and tested avenues opening up for you.

In job interviews, the first thing you list as one of your strengths is your "attention to detail." Other people — for example, seven dwarves who've been living in squalor for god knows how many years — might call you a perfectionist, but just shrug it off and help them clean the place up. When you fall into a coma brought on by a poisoned apple, they'll be like, "We didn't even know how good we had it! Also, wasn't her lipstick always on point?"

Tired of the usual talk and conventional company? Bored with the banal routines of everyday living? Perhaps, but keep a toehold in the real world all the same and don't get too carried away with making a clean sweep and kicking over the traces of your present position. Mars making a useful angle to you at present gives you the staying power to turn a dull situation around, so use this if you need to put some pep into your work scene. Making ordinary opportunities work for you is not the same as being ground down by normal-formal nothingness, so allow your practical Virgoan streak may come into its own. It's all in the way you use it. If you have plans you are looking ahead towards and are thinking of when to bring matters to a head, then the full Moon in your sign on the 24th is a date to circle in red, something like a second birthday. You should feel good in your skin at this point and if you have a mind to plan a party or bring people together, then you should find everyone in the right spirit.


Libras are known for always putting others above themselves, "others" here meaning raccoons, hummingbirds, talking willow trees, and settlers who've come to take your land. This is why the sign is represented by scales — because you, like Pocahontas, value fairness above all, and you know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

You are still enjoying the equivalent of an extended holiday spell, with Jupiter taking a leisurely stroll through your sign. This either raises your sights and sharpens your ambitions, or allows you to recover from past stresses and readjust yourself all around. Both ways, you are looking and feeling very good and you might want to capitalise. So while you rest up and enjoy the warm planetary waves washing over you, use your imagination to conjure up a picture of how you would like the future to pan out. The creative power of your inner eye has never been stronger, so holding an image in your mind and allowing it to crystallize is a perfectly proper use of your time. Up to the 27th you also have Venus working in your favour, which could be the fanfare that money is coming your way. Certainly, shopping at this time takes on an invigorating edge, and there is something positively therapeutic for a good Libran girl about flexing your credit card. Don't go overboard of course, but go for the highest and remember that fine quality in whatever you buy will be remembered long after the price is forgotten.


The eighth sign of the zodiac is as intense as they come, with a fierce sense of ambition and a passionate desire to be in control. It also happens to be a water sign, and when frozen, water turns into ice, thus making this an extra-perfect descriptor of Elsa. And before you say, "But her theme song is called 'Let It Go,'" remember that it's actually about learning how not to be afraid of your own power. You are one with the wind and sky.

People often see you as something of an unknown quantity, keeping your motivations firmly to yourself. Some of course view this slightly secretive approach with suspicion, unaware that you are actually highly sensitive and susceptible to hurt. Whatever anyone makes of you this month, however you can use your subtle side to the best advantage as you work away by yourself, with a definite end goal in mind. Mars, your ruler is in a strong, disciplined position, allowing you to channel your considerable energy into a constructive and one-pointed direction, especially if you have a task that requires long periods of concentration. Then, without others realising how it has happened, you emerge with a completed project behind you, done, dusted and completely on time. More frustration for your rivals, but definitely one up for you! Even by your own standards, you are in a private space this month, so if you have any motivation left, spending time sorting out your domestic arrangements and making your home attractive is worthwhile. But even if you just like to sit back and have some quality time to yourself, particularly around the 19th, then no-one is in a position to accuse you of laziness.


Sagittarians love their freedom, so if you find yourself locked in a castle with talking objects and a hulking beast, you're not going to be happy about it. Like Belle, you love to learn, but that curiosity can occasionally lead you down a dark path (and right into the west wing, where you were explicitly told not to go).

Yours is pretty much a ‘live and let live' attitude, preferring to allow others their own opinions and quirks. However, you may find someone taking a closer interest in you at the moment than you are used to, and it is not enough for you to remain aloof. Intensity, or appearing to try too hard is sometimes considered bad manners in the Sagittarian code, but your style is becoming noticeably more passionate and focused, as there are things going on around you that you can no longer ignore. This could be an issue at work that is exercising you, or a pet project after hours, a personal image makeover, or a love relationship, but whatever the trigger, people are noticing a more ‘in-depth' you. This may be all to the good, especially if you are involved with something creative, just as long as you don't become obsessed with your new-found inspiration. Once Mars moves out of your sign on the 7th, you may be able to take a calmer attitude, feeling less like jumping up and biting anyone who speaks out of turn. Still, should a more vibrant atmosphere appeal to you, the 4th promises a passionate evening's entertainment if you are in the mood for company.


As a Capricorn, you're the most practical and disciplined of all the signs, which is why you can really relate to Tiana's dream of opening her own restaurant. The princess life is for those flighty Geminis! Capricorns also hate it when things get in their way of their quest to be the best, so like Tiana, you will be very displeased if you get turned into a frog on your way to epicurean stardom.

You may feel rather pushed and pulled this month, with conflicting urges dragging you in different directions. First up, is Mars hitting your sign from the 7th onwards, giving you a hot sensation and a desire for action. Impatience and frustration with any kind of hold up or delay may therefore be expected, but try and keep your temper with poor souls who stand in the way of progress. Speaking out against those in authority may also be tempting, but be careful who you decide to give a dose of honest opinion! You are not afraid of hard work, so this may get you out of trouble, if you immerse yourself in something requiring concentrated effort, perhaps a fitness programme at a gym where you are likely to meet someone cute that you see the sense of. Keeping yourself on your toes is especially important at a time when you feel challenged and physically under pressure, but pretty soon the stress will lift away from you and you will be left with only the benefits of the last few months. A more grown-up image may suit you at the moment, impressing influential types whose eye you want to attract, as well as making people realise how far you have come.

Aquarius - Sign of the Month

The Water Bearer is one of the friendliest signs, and like Cinderella, you'll strike up a conversation with anybody, even the mice that live in your room. That eccentricity is what makes you so lovable, but it can also get in your way sometimes — like when you decide to make your own ball gown out of your mom's vintage castoffs, with the help of birds. Just let your fairy godmother handle this one, OK?

This is your month, with the Sun going through your sign, ably assisted by Venus entering Aquarius on the 3rd. So if you have plans for birthday celebrations, you should be in the mood to party and have people around you. On its own, Venus is a swift moving influence that does not signify very much, but it is enjoyable for all that and usually provides a pleasant distraction. The best way of dealing with it is to be sociable and savour being in the best company, which is where Venus's secret lies. By making you feel more disposed towards people, you actually become more charming and attractive, as if there is a special aura surrounding you. People are invited into your circle and feel more warmly towards you, providing romantic openings that may otherwise not exist.

However, if you are quite content with your love life, this opening may also be the time to push ahead with your work and to charm someone in a position of influence. Diplomacy is often called for in a working environment, so this month you have the right conciliatory approach and know exactly what to say. While your attempts at flattery may sometimes be rather skin-deep, important characters still notice the intention and your efforts will not go unappreciated.

So, while you may still be rather undecided about your path and unsure of what overall direction to take, you at least embark on your journey with a more positive feeling in your heart. This should be felt most keenly on the 17th, when an inspired personal touch transforms a mundane meeting into so much more.


Pisces love to daydream, and as a result are a lot more introspective than other signs. This quality will serve you well when you trade your voice to a sea witch in return for legs but might get in the way when you're trying to seduce a hunky coastal prince. Be careful that your daydreams don't take up too much of your time, though, or like Ariel, you'll be spending your days thinking about where the people are instead of going up there and dancing yourself.

Communication comes out top of the pile for you this month, Pisces, with Mercury making a move through your sign from the 17th onward. Putting your case across in ways that others understand, and at the same time presents you in the most flattering light is a project worth pursuing through February. You are starting to see the shape of things to come and anticipate what changes are about to happen. If there are areas of your life, be it family, friends, finances or anything at all that has become rather stale or predictable, then you could be in for a new ride. At first this new complexion comes as something of a shock and may set you back. Before the new can take hold, however, the old has to be cleared out of the way, so if an apparently important project in your world has taken a hit, then don't worry, for this is a sign that something better is overdue to replace it. This can affect your relationships as much as your work or career plan, so you may start to take an interest in rather more outré types after a while. Freedom becomes the top priority in love, so be careful of anyone coming on to you who expects the conventional cosy couple condition.


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