Many Facebook Users Are Reporting Not Being Able To Scroll Down In Their Newsfeed This September 2017

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Facebook Scroll Down Not Working In Newsfeed September 2017:

In the last hour there have been many reports of the Facebook scroll down not working in the Newsfeed this September 2017.

If you're wondering if this problem is because of your phone or desktop computer browser, that is not the case. This problem is a Facebook tech issue that is already in the process of being fixed!

However, even though many iPhone users are reporting smooth sailing, the scroll down issue is currently still a problem for many Android users.

Below is a Facebook outage map from The map seems to suggest that the worst Facebook issues are happening in parts of Northern Europe and both the Western and Eastern sides of the United States.

1. Facebook Outage Map From

2. Northern Europe Facebook Down Map:

A closer look at Northern Europe reveals that the main places affected by the Facebook tech isses are The Netherlands, Berlin, Hungary, Poland and Vienna.

Facebook message board posts from 2013 reveal that this isn't the first time this issue has happened either.

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