Instagram's Privacy Rules When It Comes To Notifications When You Save A Post

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FIND OUT! Does Instagram send a notification when you save a post?

Instagram & Notifications When You Save A Post?

When it comes to Instagram, the apps privacy polices can sometimes be vaugue and unclear. There have been a lot of users asking the question recently: Does Instagram send a notification when you save a post?

I mean, it's not a crazy question when you consider apps like Snapchat that notify users of view and screenshots! And who doesn't want to keep activity data private if they want to? Most Instagram users don't mind if someone know you saved their photo, but you want to know that's what's happening, right?

So... What's the deal with Instagram saved posts and notifications? Is it a thing?

The Answer:


This feature is 100% private right now, so the only person who can see your saved post are you! Phew.

Please Note: It's always a good rule of thumb to checkback as user privacy is suject to change. We'll be updating this page when privacy information changes become available!

Happy Instagramming!

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