Instagram Just Announced Direct Stories, You Can Now Share A Story As A DM, But How Long Is The Story Viewable?

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FIND OUT! Do Instagram Story DMs Disappear After 24 Hours?

Do Instagram Story DMs Disappear After 24 Hours?

The social media giant, Instagram, released a new Story feature this week that allows users to share the story posts of the accounts they follow as a direct message. This new DM sharing feature was highly anticipated yet has still left many Instagram users wondering: Do Instagram Story DMs Disappear After 24 Hours? Do the regular story rules apply even when you send a story as a DM?

The Answer


The life of an Instagram story is still the same 24 hour time frame whether you share it as a DM or just view it in the regular story feed. You can share stories with your friends as a direct message and sharing a story in a DM is as easy as sharing a post from your feed.

When you discover a story you want to share, tap the direct icon in the bottom right corner, select a friend or group to share it with and tap send.

Instagram's Press Release Stated:

"When someone shares a story with you, you will see it in your Direct inbox. When the original story disappears from the app, it will no longer be available in your message thread.

If you prefer to turn off the ability for others to share your story in Direct, you can always disable the option in your stories settings. And if you have a Private Account, only your followers can view your story in Direct."

Instagram Users Have Already Taken To Twitter:


Also, if you have any more unanswered Instagram questions you can find answers and help by going directly to Instagram's Help Center.

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