"A Day Without A Woman": 6 Ways To Participate If You CAN'T Take Off Work

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There are still lots of ways to participate!

March 8th is International Women's Day, but this year it is also when the "Day Without A Woman" strike is being held.

Earlier this month. we even interviewed the men in our lives and asked them what their days would look like without women and frankly they didn't like the thought of a world without us.

But in all seriousness, women are going on strike to demonstrate how important and invaluable they are to the American workforce. However, we all also know that the ability to strike is a privilege, and frankly not all of us can take the day off work.

So, what should you do during the women's strike if you can't not go into work? Never fear, 'Rose the Riveter ' won't be rolling over in her proverbial grave, and good news is that there are still a number of ways you can show your support and make a statement on this day.

Don't Shop


Women are responsible for 70 to 80 percent of purchases made in the United States. So, by refraining from shopping, you're reminding businesses and the government of your purchasing power. If you need something on March 8, get it the day before or get it from businesses owned by women or minorities to lend your support to the people who need it most.

Wear Red


Another action the Women's March organizers suggest is wearing red to show solidarity with women. Even if you're all in the office, a group of people sitting at their desks in red sends a message that's impossible to ignore.

Spread Positivity Via Social Media


Even if you have to do it from your office computer, sharing an inspirational quote, an informative article, or a message of support can spark others to think about the purpose of the day and let marginalized groups know you're behind them.

Make A Donation


If you can afford it, even just a small donation to an organization like Planned Parenthood, the National Organization For Women, or the Ms. Foundation For Women can help people fight back against some of the government's recent attacks on women and other marginalized groups.

Sign A Petition


You don't have to spend any money to contribute to good causes. Head over to Change.org, MoveOn.org, and other petition sites to push for changes you believe in.

Call A Representative


Another way to push for women's rights is to contact your local representative. You can find yours by entering your zip code on the House of Representatives website. As Bustle's Bronwyn Isaac writes, you don't need to be a legal expert to make a request. Your call can be as simple as "I'm calling today from _________ to urge Senator/Representative _________ to support a woman's right to choose in the United States and to do everything in their power to support women's health and reproductive rights."

Even if you are participating in the strike, these actions will give you plenty to do on your day off of work.

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