Hilariously Weird: Company Makes Cardboard Tanks, Planes + Houses For Cats


Litter-ally, Fur-real, they're Purr-fect. 🐾

These cat rides and swag are pawsitively sexy and are brought to you by SUCK UK! See all the kitty friendly creations below, or buy them on Amazon.

Again, weird cat houses sold on: Amazon

#1 Cat Tank

#2 Because Cat Plane

#3 Scratching Deck

For kitties that got cat-titude.

#4 Laptop Scratcher

First the laser pen, then foiled again.

#5 Fire Engine Kitty

#6 Kitty Teepee

These cats are kinda creepy looking tho.

#7 The Cat-illac

I'm too amused over my pun to care if you're still reading.

H/T boredpanda.com

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