Chris Pratt Naked That'll Make You Pregnant Without Touching You

Chris Pratt naked? Yes please!

Finally! Chris Pratt naked! While these may not be full frontal nudes, really any amount of Chris Pratt naked is highly encouraged. ;) Lucky Anna Farris!

You may know Pratt most recently from the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie, where he starred as the character Peter Quill.

Basically, fellow Pratt lovers,‚Äč these photos prove it Chris Pratt naked is just as wonderfully steamy as once imagined.

Whether he's playing Andy on [The Office] or playing the leading man in another Hollywood box office hit like Jurassic World one thing is abundantly clear, Chris Pratt naked does not disappoint!

Maybe it's those svelt cheekbones that leave us always wanting more? Or maybe it's those piercing eyes that could even make a cold-blooded murderess confess on the spot?


Fans are understandably distraught to hear the news that Chris Pratt and his wife of 8 years, Anna Faris, are legally separating.

Faris and Pratt met in 2007 while playing each other's love interest in the movie Take Me Home Tonight, according to an interview Pratt did with ELLE magazine.

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