Can You See An Address On Snap Map? | Snapchat 2017

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Are there addresses on Snap Map that people can see?

Can You See An Address on Snap Map? | Snapchat 2017:

With the Snapchat Map announce this past week a lot of Snapchat users have been wondering: Can you see an address on Snap Map? The app brings valid concerns for users regarding privacy.

So... Can You See An Address on Snap Map?

When zooming into the Snapchat Map you can see almost exactly where someone is located on the map. Fortunately, the Snapchat Map does not show an actual physical address on the map.

However, while only your friends can see your Snapchat Bitmoji location, lots of users that have a large extended friends circle will want to either customize their friends who can see them or go into Ghost Mode. If you're not sure how to update your privacy to Ghost Mode you can learn how by reading this article: How To Use SnapMap In Ghost Mode

And, even though Snapchat map doesn't show a physical address, it would not be difficult to figure out the physical address by zooming in to see where that person is.

So, before sharing your location, you must understand the risks. If you want to share your location with just your friends, be aware of who may be able to see this location.

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