Can You Reverse The Snapchat Update 2018 | Uninstall iPhone & Android

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Snapchat unveiled their redesigned app that's coming to the new Snapchat update, announced November 2017. When does the new Snapchat update come out? Details inside!

Can You Reverse The Snapchat Update 2018 Uninstall iPhone & Android:

The latest Snapchat update is causing quite a stir this week, leaving many users wondering Can You Reverse The Snapchat Update 2018 Uninstall iPhone & Android.

CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel announced the changes they are making with this latest Snapchat update is organized around your relationships.

While Snapchat's competitor, Facebook mixes content from the user's friends and publishers, Snapchat's new update aims to separate the way we view content on their app.

However, users already seem less than excited about the changes:

Uninstalling on Android:

  • Tech Advisor has provided these useful guidelines to Android users looking to downgrade to an older version.

  • One way you can go back to a previous version of an app is to find the installation file for the previous update and install that version.

  • Android uses something called APK (which means Android application package) files for apps.

  • You can search the web for the app name, version number and APK.

  • You should have a copy of the APK files for every version of an app you've updated.

  • If you have a previous version of the app on another device, then you should be able to extract the APK file from it.

  • If your mobile device or tablet is rooted, you can simply obtain the APK file from the /data/app/folder.

  • Once you have the file, you can uninstall the newer version of the app from your device, and then proceed to copy the older APK file you found to the phone or tablet using Windows Explorer (File Explorer).

  • After, copy it to either a new folder, or the Download folder.

  • Then, you'll need to download or buy an Android File Explorer app to find the file on your Android device, at which point you can tap on it and install it.

  • Android users could also try also download different older versions of Snap from here as an alternative.

Uninstalling on Apple iOS:

Apple users could download to an older version via iTunes by following the following steps:

  • Important – do not update apps in iTunes yet.

  • You'll be using the old copy of the app that's still stored in your iTunes library.

  • Delete the app on your iPhone by pressing the app's icon for several seconds.

  • A small X will appear in the upper lefthand corner.

  • Press the X of the app you want to delete.

  • Press the home button after the app is gone from the screen to get out of delete mode.

  • After, connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes and select your device.

  • However, do not sync at this time. Click the Applications tab.

  • Select ‘Apps' in the iTunes sidebar.

  • Find the app you want reinstall in iTunes' Apps list.

  • Select the option to "Install" and sync your device.

  • The version you have backed up in iTunes will copy back to your iPhone.

  • Hopefully, it'll be the older version.

If you need further information, you can also try going directly to Snapchat or if you have another query, you can go to

Are you excited about Snapchat's new update and redesign? And as always, be safe and Happy Snapping!


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