Can I See Who's Looking At My SnapMap Posts? | Snapchat July 2017

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How can you tell if someone is looking at your SnapMap posts?

Can I See Who's Looking At My SnapMap Posts? | Snapchat July 2017:

There are lots of questions from Snapchat users on how to use their newest update SnapMap this June 2017. While you can see where your friends are on the map, a lot of the people are also wondering: Can I see who's looking at my SnapMap posts?

How Do You See Who Viewed Your SnapMap Stories?

We are all secretly (or not so secretly) curious about who views out Snapchat stories. We want to know if our exes or recent crushes take a peek at any of our socials. This especially holds true for Snapchat, a viewing platform that is built on only allowing users snaps to be live to their followers for 24 hours.

When it comes to whether you can see who's viewed your story on Snap Map, it pretty much works the same as the stories do in the regular Snapchat.

If a Snapchat friend sees you on their Snap Map and clicks into your stories icon, they will end up viewing your stories in the same way as before. You'll still be able to go into the eyeball icon in your story feed and see who watched it.

Happy snapping out there!


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