Can I See Who Viewed Someone Else's Instagram Story? | 2017

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Find out! Can I see who viewed someone else's Instagram story?

Can You See Who Viewed Someone's Instagram Story?

There are a lot of Instagram users that are wondering if besides being able to see their own Instagram story views, can they see who viewed someone else's Instagram story?

The Answer:


Not unless this person allows you to use Instagram on their device and check their story views from their personal account. That information is currently still private, so only visible to the user who posted the video themself. Chances are though, if you're friendly with whoever's story views you're interested in seeing that they'll show it to you.

Otherwise, it's best not to get too caught up in trying to view someone else's private information any way. Most of the time whatever story you gather from that type of snooping isn't a rational or clear picture of what may really be happening.

Otherwise if you're trying to snoop on a partner, you might just want to confront those issues head on before they snowball into bigger trust issues!

Happy Instagramming!

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