Calling All Gemini's: Here's Your January 2017 Horoscope!


Give Gemini very little, and they'll still work magic!


Burrow into your cocoon, Gemini. Until January 19, the Sun is in Capricorn and your eighth house of privacy and intensity, beginning your 2017 on an introspective note. Though others may be jumpstarting their New Year's resolutions, don't stretch to keep pace with the Joneses. Get introspective instead, as you sort through emotional complexities or dive into a research-heavy project. Your focus is razor-sharp, so feel free to skip the mind-numbing cocktail talk and loud parties. Just cut straight to the empire-building chase and free yourself from distractions.

Be wary of obstacles that arise along the way, however, as clever Mercury, your ruling planet, finishes off a retrograde cycle that ends on January 8. Since December 19, Mercury is backspinning through Capricorn until January 4, and then in Sagittarius, your seventh house of commitments, until the 8th. Overall, the spotlight is on improving your closest bonds, which could hit a few speed bumps now. Where do you need some refining and reevaluating in your partnerships? Go with the flow, Gemini—you can't force a connection, so you may also have to cut your losses. Or, you could reunite with an old love or business associate. Could the second time around be the charm?

Midmonth, a swell of financial opportunity with a dash of stress could present itself. On January 12, the full moon in Cancer, your second house of work and money, forms an intense Grand Cross—or four-way showdown—with the bold Sun, expansive Jupiter in your drama zone and disruptive Uranus in teamwork sector. A hefty raise, promotion, or other lucrative coup could manifest, thanks to your hard work over the last six months. However, this money mojo could be undermined by chaos, tempting your gambling instincts. Don't go spending that nest egg all in some fly-by-night investment, Gemini. Mitigate risks. Avoid rebellious or arrogant collaborators and don't rush in with a know-it-all-attitude either. Collect the offers that come in, and say "yes" to the right one in your own time. This post about the sacred act of holding out ( by Danielle LaPorte may resonate.

On January 19, there's a spring in your step once again, as the Sun enters Aquarius and your ninth house of adventure, travel and risk-taking. For the next four weeks, your trademark Gemini joie de vivre is back in full force. After a somewhat somber start to the new year, step on out of your cozy nook and go explore the wider world. Plotting an epic overseas trip to save the rainforest or launching your own game-changer of a start-up? Whatever the case, think big! Can't leave city limits? Sign up for a metaphysical workshop or a mind-expanding class to broaden your horizons.

If you didn't quite get around to writing out your resolutions on January 1, you weren't alone. (Thanks, Mercury retrograde!) Fortunately, a better moment to craft compelling, fiery intentions arrives January 27, when the Aquarius new moon opens up a fresh chapter of freedom and self-discovery as it ignites your broad-minded ninth house. The new moon also coincides with the start of the Chinese New Year, kicking off the Year of the Fire Rooster. Since the Fire Rooster is associated with the Western sign of Virgo, add some organization and meticulous planning to your outlandish plans. And since Virgo is associated with health, get some blood circulating. Being in the great outdoors will spur some brilliant thinking and strategizing, so get moving, preferably out in nature, to help those wide-ranging ideas start flowing.


Make it happen, Gemini. That's basically your can-do motto, as the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, spend most of the month in Pisces and your structured tenth house. Your usually laissez-faire sign has a lesser-known (but rather potent) desire to be in charge. This month, bust out your assertive side when it comes to matters of the heart. If you desire a long-term commitment or game plan, Mars pushes you to roll up your sleeves and create that for yourself. Be direct! If your amour du jour isn't on board, at least you'll know where you both stand.

Magnetic Venus visits Pisces from January 3-February 3, helping those serious conversations go more smoothly. "Where is this going, anyway?" doesn't have to be a tense talk. Create a romantic setting, perhaps with a hot toddy or cinnamon tea by the roaring fire, and start exploring your future plans together. The lust for "power couple" status picks up with sultry Mars in this status-driven sector until January 28. Devise joint plans for success—perhaps starting a business together or supporting each other's ascent to the top.

Single or coupled? Take this opportunity to envision where you want to be in the future (in, say, five years)—and start charting a map to get there—whether it's owning a joint vacation home, being in a settled partnership with children, or living abroad. Making your blueprints concrete—the universe just might match your vision and raise you an ambition or two.

Once Mars enters Aries and your social, lighthearted eleventh house on January 28, the serious mood lifts. Until March 9, Mars is revving up this playful and free-spirited zone, helping you lay off the ultimatums and remember what it's like to be in your fun-loving Gemini groove. With Mars here, you'll crave more autonomy—absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder (and the bedroom hotter!). Coupled Geminis might spend a little more time pursuing separate interests and "doing you." Read a compelling new bestseller or peruse vintage shops—as long as you don't have to answer to anyone, you're good.

Single Geminis will enjoy more variety. With Mars in this technology-driven zone you could have a few steamy online dates or get set up via mutual friends. If you've had a crush on an acquaintance or you feel a platonic connection heating up, you might just cross that red-hot line now!

Opportunity Days:

January 7: Sun conjunct Pluto

The Sun and karmic Pluto in Capricorn unite in your eighth house of intimacy, emotional bonding and soul-stirring sex. If you've felt "energy" with someone, it's not your imagination. Instead of sending each other telepathic love notes, make a more obvious gesture and see if it's returned. You could also pick up on something not-so-savory. For example, does a quieter person seem chill but exude domineering/controlling vibes? That may not be your imagination—so proceed with caution. Brewing chemistry could combust—but if there's an element of mystery or subterfuge involved, is it worth the temptation? Proceed with caution, as you could get tangled in something messy today.

January 8: Mercury retrograde ends

Chatty Mercury turns direct (forward) after a three-week retrograde through your relationship house, where it may have wrought confusion, fighting and crossed wires. A past love may have reappeared or maybe an age-old dynamic reared its ugly head: e.g. your jealous streak made a rare resurgence. Finding common ground with your S.O. or love interest was exceptionally challenging. Now, scan the lessons of these last few weeks and ask yourself: What kind of relationship will make me happy going forward? That's where you start rebuilding.

January 12: Venus-Neptune meetup

Is this real life, or is it just fantasy? White-hot Venus merges with ethereal Neptune in Pisces and your tenth house of long-term planning, giving you a mystical glimpse into your future, or at least, what you most desire down the road. Projections and delusions could be abound today. Before you go pinning a white-picket-fence dream, make sure you're on the same "happily ever after" page. You don't have to act on your yearnings, but let your mind wander over the possibilities now. Creative visualization is an important step to manifesting what you want.

Challenge Days:

January 12: Sun-Jupiter square

Like a bull in a china shop, you're trampling over common sense, good manners and basic consideration to get your romantic desires met. Such is the depths of your lust, as the bold Sun is at odds with blunt Jupiter in Libra, your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Be careful not to steamroll your love interest or stir up drama just to grab back control. Keep some of your feelings under wraps for now. Give 'em an inch of sexy, Gemini…and make them earn the next round!

January 19: Mars-Saturn square

We're not fans of the saying "you can't always get what you want," but today, it might hold true. Today, red-hot Mars in your ambitious tenth house battles restrictive Saturn in your partnership zone. A relationship could turn contentious as you clash over long-term goals and how to get there. Watch your temper! Or, you could be pressured to commit to a plan or person before it feels right. Breathe, Gemini. Decide on your own time, not because someone else is telling you you're behind the eight ball. Single Geminis might feel stressed out trying to balance professional ambitions with a healthy love life, frustrated by trying to give each of them enough of what they need to thrive. There's a middle ground here somewhere, but it will take effort to find.

January 27: Venus-Saturn square

Windswept dreams of your romantic future might be dashed, as charming Venus forms a tense square ( to pessimistic Saturn in your relationship house. If you'd been deluding yourself about a partner's readiness to commit—or your own—you might face the unpleasant music today. For example, closing on a new home together might not be as simple as signing on the dotted line…if there's even an inkling of doubt, it's time for you to face it head on. Also, give yourself permission to step back. If this union is truly "forever" material, rushing is not required. Notice how your own (possibly unconscious) fears of commitment could make you pick a fight just to create a little space. Is the drama that goes along with it really worth the momentary adrenaline spike?


Pull up a chair to the power player's table, Gemini. Until January 19, the Sun is in Capricorn and your eighth house of long-term finances, investments and shared wealth. It's time to go for the heavy-hitting, lucrative arrangements—and to get your future plans in shape. Tune your personal dial to abundance and look for ways to create win-win scenarios, perhaps through a joint venture. You could move, downsize parts of your life to consolidate cash, or even explore a real estate deal.

The eighth house rules passive income, and with the Sun here, you don't have to join a sketchy pyramid scheme­ to achieve that. There are plenty of ways to earn royalties, commissions or affiliate income that can boost your bottom line. If you do explore network marketing or direct sales, make sure to align with companies who share your values. We recommend learning about the power of "compound interest"—one of our favorite books is David Bach's The Automatic Millionaire.

On January 19, the Sun sails into Aquarius and your visionary ninth house, boosting your inspiration. Your tunnel vision gives way to more expansive thinking and blue-sky dreaming. Spend the next four weeks spreading your wings and exploring new options. Have you always wanted to host a retreat in Morocco, start your own magazine or go back to school to study Egyptian art history? Don't write it off. Allow yourself to entertain all high-flying ideas now. As Nelson Mandela said, "It is only impossible until it's done."

Not that you'll jump without a parachute, Gemini. Ambitious Mars is in Pisces and your tenth house of structure, achievement and long-term plans until January 28. Before you spend too long perusing travel sites or daydreaming about your next big moves, deadlines are calling. Strike a balance between nourishing your soul and getting the job done.

Push yourself past your comfort zone, too. With courageous Mars in your tenth house of status, you might accept an opportunity that feels "out of your league." Instead of balking, rise to the occasion. Tap a coach, mentor or expert to groom you for this gig—then surprise everyone (yourself included) by stealing the show. Most times, the only way to build your confidence muscle is to use it. Don't let a fear of failure or looking foolish stop you now, Gemini.

Collaborations heat up from January 28-March 9, as go-getter Mars blazes into Aries and your eleventh house of group activity. Rally the troops around a common vision, whether it's throwing a fundraiser for the children of Aleppo or launching a revolutionary online project. The eleventh house rules technology, so with assertive Mars here, you could record an edgy video or podcast and spread via social media channels— it might just go viral!

Opportunity Days:

January 1: Mars conjunct Neptune

You could be swooning over a career opportunity, such as a raise, promotion or new gig as the new year begins. However, with aggressive Mars joining forces with foggy Neptune in Pisces, cold hard facts could be hard to come by. Jot down your intuitions in a notebook and reserve judgment and decision-making 'til the second half of the month. Still, this cosmic combo can bring you celebrity status at your job. Work your It factor, and spread some of that fairy dust into your new year's resolutions. Sure, they might not be tethered to reality—so don't take them 100 percent literally. Nonetheless, shoot for the moon and land among the stars.

January 7: Sun conjunct Pluto

Just do it. The Sun links arms with willful Pluto in Capricorn and your power-minded eighth house, emboldening you to take the helm of a high-stakes situation. Get strategic about the shortest route to success. If there's a thorny problem, your hyper-focused mind can solve it—just give yourself a little extra room to focus. While it may feel like you have superpowers, don't ignore the talents and perspectives of teammates, including assistants and interns. Recognize that everyone stands to contribute—and gain. Hello, win-win!

January 8: Mercury retrograde ends

A business partnership may have been rocky since December 19, when communicator Mercury turned retrograde (backward) for three weeks in your relationship house. Scrambled signals, misunderstandings and he-said-she-said drama could have stole the show. Now, sanity is restored. Be proactive in repairing any cracks in your foundation. Schedule a lunch to boost your bond and reaffirm your common goals. If a contract has been languishing, the coast is clear now to sign.

January 27: Aquarius new moon

Believe in yourself and take a chance! The January 27 Aquarius new moon sheds light on exciting ventures as it illuminates your ninth house of expansion and risk-taking. Truly, it's never too late to start again—or just start, period. Try your hand at that epic novel. Take on an interior design client pro bono, if only to gain some experience. Look into advanced degree programs—a return to school could be in your future! Find hope and dream big, any which way you can. Seeds planted today will blossom over the next six months.

Challenge Days:

January 10: Sun-Uranus square

Give 'em a moment! Tension runs high as the Sun in your controlling eighth house battles disruptive Uranus in eleventh house of group activity, sparking an epic race for the driver's seat. A team project might be exceptionally fraught, devolving into a battle of the wills. The offending party might not even realize how controlling they've been. Check your own need to dominate—how hard are you pushing and at what cost? Your finances could be in flux now, or you could be pondering making a hasty move. Stay cautious—especially around risky investments—you don't want to back into something that you can't get out of easily.

January 12: Cancer full moon

The year's inaugural full moon arrives with a huge power surge and a possible payday, as it shines in Cancer and your second house of work, money and self-esteem. La luna could bring a raise, promotion or new income stream. If you've been stuck in a financial rut, it's time to break out of that, Gemini. However, with the full moon forming a four-way tug of war with indulgent Jupiter, erratic Uranus, and the ego-driven Sun, unexpected fireworks might prompt a major change. Proceed with care and don't make any sudden or impulsive decisions if you can help it. Hold on to your wallet—and your job—at least until the dust settles.

January 19: Mars-Saturn square

You're #slaying at work—but is someone holding you back from doing more? A crucial relationship may need some refinement, as aggressive Mars squares off with serious Saturn. This person could be worried that your overachieving ways will leave them behind. Or maybe they have some sage wisdom to offer. Listen with an open ear—you don't know everything, and neither do they. Even if a conversation seems to slow you down, it could end up being productive—and therefore worth it—in the long haul. Get on the same page before moving forward, even if clearing the air takes a little extra effort.

Love Days: 18, 23

Money Days: 30, 12

Luck Days: 9, 27

Off Days: 7, 20, 25


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