Boyfriend Doesn't Like My Facebook Posts, Should I Be Concerned?

When are no likes really a sign of something more?

Question: 'My Boyfriend Doesn't Like My Facebook Posts, Should I Be Concerned?'

So basically, you've noticed that your boyfriend hasn't been liking your Facebook posts. You're wondering if it means anything, like has he lost interest, or is he cheating?

Let me be first to say that girl you are not crazy for having feelings about your boyfriend not liking your Facebook posts. However, you are not alone and it is not always an indication that something is wrong within your relationship.

When should you be concerned if your boyfriend isn't liking your posts?

It really depends on the situation. If your boyfriend is an active Facebook user and he abruptly has stopped liking ONLY your photos, but is still highly active liking and commenting on his friend's walls... I'd day, you need to have a frank talk with your man.

As more social media applications pop up, seemingly so does the paranoia amongst people in relationships, particularly women. Often this fear is unfounded, but not always, Below are some examples of situations you might encounter when dealing with your partner's social media behavior or lack thereof for that matter.

A friend and I were talking the other day about how girls drive themselves crazy looking at pictures their boyfriends "like" on Instagram, etc. and that led to this article. Ladies, if you're worried about what your man is doing on social media and/or if you should be worried, I'm no psychic, but what I can tell you is what other women think when it comes to common situations​ that are similar.

Social Media Situation 1:

The crime: "Likes" and "Favorites" on statuses and photos.

Should you be worried? Not really.

Why? If he likes something, it's most likely harmless. If he's liking every other thing she posts, that's a different story. If he's liking the picture of her at college graduation, it's most likely harmless. If he's liking bikini pictures, that's a different story. If he's known for being very active (he "likes" a lot of people's statuses and photos) and he happens to like a bikini pic, let it slide. If it keeps happening, just calmly address it to him. If he's only liking her stuff and nobody else's, I'd worry.

Social Media Situation 2:

The crime: He doesn't want to be "Facebook Official."

Should you be worried? It depends.

Why? When I was younger, I couldn't wait to have a girlfriend and change my "Single" status to "In A Relationship with ________." Now, at 25 (which seems decades older), I honestly don't really care. If anything, I'd rather it not be posted. My profile currently doesn't show if I'm single or not because it's nobody's business but my own. If I happen to date someone exclusively again, I'll know, she'll know, my family will know and the people closest to us will know. If it spreads through the grapevine, so be it. If she wants it, I'll do it.

It's not that I don't want other girls knowing I'm "off the market" or anything; I would just rather not deal with online drama, especially if/when we break up. However, the day we get engaged (assuming Facebook is still around), I'll change it specifically to let everyone know that we are both off the market, hopefully forever.

Social Media Situation 3:

The crime: Following someone else on Twitter or Instagram.

Should you be worried? No.

Why?Just because he's following a girl, doesn't mean he wants her. Sometimes I'll follow accounts on Twitter just because I find them funny. If it's a girl, she's a funny girl. If it's a guy, he's a funny guy. That's it. I'm never on Instagram, so I guess that point is moot.

Social Media Situation 4:

The crime: Following a provocative account.

Should you be worried? Kind of.

Why? If he follows an account that has a lot of provocative material — especially if he follows it after you get together — I'd address it. Obviously,he's not going to cheat on you with any of these models, but if it makes you uncomfortable, you should tell him. Personally, I'm not one to follow @BoobsAndBabes or anything like that, nor I don't care if my girlfriend follows @ManCandyPics — and I have the exact height and weight of Jay Baruchel. Women tend to be more self conscious about body image than men, so I can see why more women would be upset with him following a certain account than a guy would be with his girl following one. If it makes you uncomfortable, tell him, again, calmly.

Social Media Situation 5:

The crime: He's on Tinder.

Should you be worried? HYFR.

Why? I'm a pro-Tinder — for whatever you want to use it for (one-night stand, friends with benefits, etc.). However, if you're in a relationship and your SO is still active on Tinder, that's not right. Some people claim that they just want friendships on Tinder, which may be their true intention; but there's other ways of meeting friends. Double date with your co-worker and their SO; double date with your SO's friend; double date with your friend; there's plenty of viable, more logical, ways to meet platonic friends other than using an app that let's people decide if they want to interact with you predominately based on your physical appearance.


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