Are You Free To Taste The Rainbow? Are Skittles Soy Free?

Are Skittles Soy Free?

Are Skittles soy free? Find out!

QUESTION: "Are Skittles Soy Free?"

There are lots of us who need to eat a soy free diet for all kinds of reasons. Some of us also happen to love Skittles are are dying to know, are Skittles soy free? With Halloween 2017 right around the corner, a lot of new soy free eaters want to know what Halloween candies they can still partake in!


When it comes the Skittles... Taste the rainbow baby! Skittles are currently 100% soy free are good to eat and enjoy! Phew!

PLEASE NOTE: While this information is based on current Skittles packaging it is always important to double check and read the label to be sure.

What other soy free candies can you enjoy? Are there any Halloween candies that you're unsure if they are soy free or not? let us know in the comments below!

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