30 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 30

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Falling in love with someone who makes you fall out of love with yourself.

Doesn't everyone wish they had a guidebook to get them through their twenties? These are the best tips I know of to live your best life, whether you need advice on how to find your dream job, tips for how to survive a toxic friend, or simply words of motivation to get you through a heartbreak. These are things I wish I knew sooner. I'm talking about valuable life advice, life mistake "hacks." Some of them are seemingly obvious, but nevertheless:

1. Take a job that doesn't fulfill or inspire you in order to pay the bills and then forget to leave.

2. Date someone who doesn't challenge you and stay with them, because it's easier than taking a chance on being single.

3. Get the education that your parents wanted you to get and ignore the education (be it institutional or experiential) that you always wanted to get.

4. Stay in one place when you really want to go and explore.

5. Go and explore when you really want to stay in one place.

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6. Become so attached to any part of your identity that you forget you're allowed to experiment and grow and change.

7. Become so obsessed with saving money that you forget to invest in the life that's quickly passing you by.

8. Continuously tell yourself that you'll try for the things you want once you are richer or fitter or more educated.

9. Base the majority of your decisions on the fear of rejection rather than the potential for growth.

10. Only love the people that it makes sense for you to love.


11. Get your heart shattered and wait for someone else to come put it back together, instead of putting it back together yourself.

12. Spend so much time missing the past that you forget to build a present or future.

13. Fall in love with someone who makes you fall out of love with yourself.

14. Obsess over what you think you deserve instead of actually going out and fighting for it.

15. Expect life to be fair at any time.


16. Allow your feelings to steer your life instead of letting them ride in the passenger's seat.

17. Numb your feelings to the point where you rob yourself of the chance to make real connections with people.

18. Let the fear of ridicule triumph over the power of authenticity.

19. Focus on seeking short-term happiness instead of long-term fulfillment.

20. Become so goal-oriented that your entire life passes you by in the pursuit of whatever's up next.


21. Decide that your relationships with other people can make up for the relationship you lack with yourself.

22. Decide that the relationship you have with yourself can make up for the relationships you lack with other people.

23. Refuse to make the first move in any situation unless you're absolutely sure you will succeed.

24. Protect yourself from failure and the plethora of lessons it could teach you.

25. Forget to stop and consider all the ways in which you, at any point in time, may be sabotaging your own life.

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26. Decide to wait to be happy, because you think there will be a time when everything will be perfect.

27. Forget how to breathe, taste your ice cream and truly enjoy the little things in life.

28. Collect too many things rather than adventures.

29. Choose to not be excited about other people's success.

30. Forget that time is limited and your youth is fleeting. Get out when you're young, full of energy and have freedom to truly explore the human experience.

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