29 Gross Things Literally All Women Secretly Enjoy & FYI, It Gets Dirty...

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gross-delagross girl ...

Yep, you heard that right. You are not alone. We ALL do these things, whether we admit it or not... get ready to laugh, say ew, and shake your head in denial while secretly thinking lol yep I do this on a daily basis.

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1. Peeing in the shower. And if you're feeling super dirtayyy... peeing in the bath.

2. Scraping a really good chunk of dirt out from under your nail.

3. Crumbling off your mascara instead of using makeup remover.

4. Not flossing as a treat/ every once in a while/ pretty much ever.

5. Wearing the same bra for several days (weeks?) and not giving a shit.

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6. Smelling the clothes you wore yesterday and realizing you can definitely wear them again.... win!

7. Using dry shampoo instead of actual shampoo. For, ahem, several days in a row.

8. Just washing your bangs/ front section of your hair, and everyone thinking you've got lovely clean tresses.

9. Picking crumbs out of your bra… and, if you're feeling really hungry, eating them.

10. Finding something even better than crumbs in your bra... like popcorn. SCORE.

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11. Chilling out in front of the TV with your hands down your pants for no reason at all.

12. Eating something that fell on the floor – three-second rule. Or is it five seconds? Meh maybe ten.

13. Peeling off a big piece of nail polish in one go. SOOOOO satisfying.

14. Keeping a tampon in for slightly longer than you're meant to....

15. Wrapping toilet paper round your underwear instead of using a pad because desperate times, my friends.

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16. Picking dry skin off of your lips.

17. Picking dry skin of your feet.

18. Eating food in bed.

19. Not bothering to wash your sports bra because let's be honest, it's only going to get dirty again anyway.

20. Plucking out a really tough hair on your face, and then staring in awe at how dark/ long it is.

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21. Staring in amazement at all the gunk that comes out on a pore strip.

22. Waking up on Saturday, and going to the shops in your oldest, grubbiest clothes/pajamas with no makeup and greasy hair. Also known as "grossery" shopping.

23. Putting fresh makeup over yesterday's makeup that you didn't bother to clean off.

24. Whacking new deodorant over old deodorant instead of taking a shower.

25. Using perfume instead of taking a shower.

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26. Warming your hands inside you bra by holding your boobs.

27. Burping louder than any guy.

28. Wearing cheap makeup that you bought about 10 years ago.

29. Spreading your stray hairs on the shower wall.

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