18 Undeniable Signs You Went To High School In A Small Town

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Ask me again if I ride a horse to school ...

Most everyone who grows up in a small town can relate to this list. Your small town roots made you who you are & your grateful for the experience. And this list proves it, small towns, no matter where they are, often share all the same ingredients.

**1.** You and your siblings had the same teachers and textbooks, even though you're practically decades apart.

**2.** Your teachers also always doubled as your coaches.

**3.** Your field trips were usually underwhelming and five minutes away from your school.

**4.** You probably dated one of your friend's exes because your options were limited.

**5.** Your idea of hanging out was probably loitering in a parking lot or in some field.

**6.** But you couldn't hang out TOO late because your town had a curfew for minors.

**7.** You were forced to sell World's Finest Chocolate bars for literally any school event.

**8.** You were probably late to school once or twice because you got stuck behind a damn tractor.

**9.** Every Friday night was dedicated to sports, whether you liked it or not.

**10.** And every sporting event always made headline news in your local paper.

**11.** If you wanted new clothes for school, you had to travel a MINIMUM of 30 minutes to find the nearest mall.

**12.** And the parking lot was always full of pickup trucks.

**13.** Chances are you or someone you knew was in FFA or 4H.

**14.** And if you wanted to go on a date with that hot person from class, chances are you went to Dairy Queen or Sonic.

**15.** You quickly realized your teachers had a life outside of school because you ran into them often.

**16.** The rodeo and county fair were the most talked about events at your school.

**17.** You spent the majority of your time outside of school just cruising and doing stupid shit around town.

**18.** But you wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.

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