17 Pics That LITERALLY Prove It. Cats Are Actually Demons

Bored Panda


So, my roommate decided to get a cat and I tried my best to dissuade her. See, I've never trusted cats, and recently after rooming with one I've single handedly come to the shocking discovery, that Mrs. Pepper ... she's answering to another master. You see cats don't ONLY worship themselves ... they are actually the spawn of SATAN himself.

So thanks Karen, thanks for bringing evil into our house...

AND, after furiously digging into the research online I discovered I'm not alone. There are LITERALLY millions of humans that have been duped, who are only now coming to the shocking realization that they're living with one of Satan's minions.

Since then, it has become my sole mission to warn people. That's right. You might think your cat is out roaming the neighbourhood or chewing the heads off mice, but it's actually attempting to communicate with none other than Satan himself. Why? We don't know, but it probably has something to do with world domination.

Check out the proof below, and then find yourself the nearest fallout shelter. We're pretty sure this isn't going to end well for us humans...

#1 I Remember It Well...the Day The Portal Opened... And They Entered Our World...

#2 Demon Dance

#3 What I See Every Night Before Bed

#4 Smeowg

#5 Call The Exorcist

#6 He Is Not A Devil. He Is Just A Cat In Flour

Holy water ... NOW you fool!

#7 My Sister's Devil Cat Walking Away After Causing Havoc

#8 You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood

#9 I Think My Cat Is Trying To Summon A Demon

#10 Guarding The Passage To Hell

#11 Looks Like We Aren't Eating Tonight

#12 Prepare For Zuel

#13 Yup, Definitely Summoning Satan…

#14 Just A Cute Little Kitty

#15 Meet Sinister Cat. Plotting To Take Over The World

#16 Evil ....

#17 Evil's Cousin

h/t Bored Panda

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