13 Hilariously Genius & Simple April Fools’ Pranks


No one is too busy for these!

Well folks, it's coming up on April Fools' again. And, this year, before you decide not to do anything because you don't have the time or energy, here's a list of a few quick pranks that don't take much effort at all! Just be aware that for some of these, you may not be forgiven before at least mid-April.

1. Mom is that you?


Borrow your friend's phone, change your contact name to "Mom," and start sending hilarious un-mom-like messages

2. Block a mouse sensor with a piece of paper and some tape.

Use a photo of your choice, Nicholas Cage recommended not required.

3. Turn someone's iPhone apps to cats.


iPhoneception mimics the iPhone interface, but when your victim tries to open an app, they are met with explosions, zombies, kittens or loss of gravity. It takes less than a minute to install and requires no password once you have access to your victim's phone. Just go to iPhoneception.com.

4. The classic drawer-switch!


You likely played this easy prank on your siblings growing up, and now you can try it on your roommate or anyone you live with! Just switch the clothes around in their drawers, this subtle prank can be funnier than you'd think if you can catch their reaction!

5. Make your roommate believe that your apartment has suddenly become infested with giant bugs.


Make sure you're home for their reaction!

6. A prank for the Arrested Development fan in your life.


"I don't know what I expected."

7. Print out a horrifying image and leave it in a co-worker's desk drawer.

I ruined the surprise, I have no patience for pranks #aprilfools #pennywise #scary #shehaditcoming #prank

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8. Put a glow stick in a toilet paper roll and hide it in someone's closet.


Or just hide in their closet.

9. "Slash" someone's tires

Perfect for all the Guns N Roses fans out there.

10. Glue a quarter to the ground and enjoy the show.

Plus: keep yourself amused for hours!

11. "Why isn't my body wash coming out?"


Plastic wrap, that's why.

12. Fill Oreos with white toothpaste.


Mmm, minty fresh!

13. Mess with bathroom signs.


Ladies, all bathrooms are ours today.

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