23 Weird Things Every Woman Does When She's Home Alone

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It gets weird when we're alone ...

A girl's home is her sanctuary and when she has it all to herself ... let's just say -- things get a little expressive, things gets a little weird.

So here are 23 things all girls do when they're home alone.

23. Try make-up tutorials on YouTube and end up lookin' like a clown.

Then text our friends horrifying photos. And FYI Sarah - I'd marry me.

22. Go through your whole wardrobe and assess your life choices

21. Overthink shit and then stress eat.

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE ... or maybe inside this Nutella jar.

20. Cry to a good song

19. Then LITERALLY be fine 2 minutes later

18. Attempt yoga moves we were too afraid to try in class.

And then end up confused or somehow catching the rug on fire ...

17. NEVER close the door when using the bathroom no matter what you’re doing.

Free at last, free at last ...

16. Watch 'The Secret' and make vision boards that are literal fantasy ... like they break the law of gravity.

But yeah, mine kinda looks like this, just with a lot more flying.

15. Get seriously lost down a long and terrifying pinterest hole for hours when you were just looking for a recipe.

14. Then end up putting condiments in your hair because Jackie from Oklahoma re-pinned it's good for split ends.

The internet said so!

13. We might buy a hand mirror to finally see what our Vagina looks like.

But seriously, I don't know why any man has ever slept with me.

12. Fantasize about the perfect bath

Just look at you -- cute, playful AND sassy

11. But the truth is never as sexy as the reality

I'm cold and sitting in my own filth...

10. After reflecting, finally have a self actualized moment

9. Or imagine yourself as a triangle, you're still you, but just a triangle

8. Heckle those animal rescue commercials for being unforgivably sad, then sob uncontrollably for an hour.

7. Eat Cereal For Dinner.

Then maybe another bowl an hour later.

6. Try to read classic literature and then give up. I blacked out and the Ikea catalogue was just here .. in my lap ...

I TRIED JANE AUSTEN ... I freaking did my best.

5. Give yourself weird pep talks in the mirror


Oh god, I went too far, I went too far ... JUST LIE TO ME BRITTANY! Why can't you lie and tell me it looks fine, at least until it grows back ...

3. Get SUPER weird and suspicious when the door bell rings

2. But like seriously ... who could possibly know I live here? I told my friends I was MIA tonight. MUST BE A SERIAL KILLER or terrorist that has nothing better to do than to torture vanilla girls. Only sense to be made.

1. Only to then remember that YOU ordered delivery ...

Score 6 fortune cookies, just for me!

So, what weird things do you do when you're home alone? Let us know and we might just keep adding to this list!

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